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Hello gents.  Below is a suit I just purchased off the B&S section of this forum.  It's my first purchase online and the first using self measurement and I think I did a pretty decent job.


The suit is a RLBL in the Anthony cut...I'm just showing off the jacket.  I'm wondering if, other than the sleeves, it looks like it needs any alterations?  It looks like it's almost a perfect fit other than shortening up the sleeves slightly on either side to show a litlte shirt.  I'm just starting to understand how a suit should fit, but I like the chest suppression and I like how it drapes.  What do you guys think re: alterations, fit, etc?


Don't mind the shirt or lack of tie...that's not a shirt I'd typically wear with a suit, but it was what I had on at the time.  Also don't mind the smudges on my mirror:)