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Originally Posted by onlyslp View Post

Hedi going to Moschino? Whatttttt

I think that was a sarcastic comment regarding those outfit looks which are also in my opinion, really trashy.
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I thought Hedi looked better than his models in this show.
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guys, its a couture show. this stuff is remarkable for couture. biker jackets studded with hearts, sequined leggings, heart-shaped furs, etc. this isn't just couture for aging parisian doyennes (or kingpins' cokehead callgirls). it is indeed about as rebellious for a couture show as it can get, it brings the techniques of couture into the realm of wearability and much more importantly desirability for people below the age of 85 and/or with a modicum of taste not left over from 1952 or denizens of the VIP rooms of inner moscow. i think it's awesome.

how many girls do you know that have actually WANTED a couture piece...ever? like had their hearts set on it, hell, that even care about couture shows...that aren't either heiresses or wizened royalty or high end callgirls...or all three? yet the second my gf saw the hearts studs biker jacket, she said "that's mine". i'm so fucked now, but that's besides the point. the whole point was to make couture cool, interesting, relevant, something worth discussing, looking at, wanting again. which i think has been eminently accomplished.

if you take a look at the audience, which is full of sad fashion victims in droopy clothing, the snickering is put in perspective, and it just confirms why the show is important. for these people, couture is like the velvet rope in the VIP section: just expensive pointless shit to keep the riff raff OUT. but in this collection couture is accessible, not financially, but aesthetically, culturally, stylistically. it is inviting people who live lives that aren't about pure self-indulgence IN. yes, you have to be successful to afford this stuff...but you don't wear a couture biker jacket to a debutante's ball at a crumbling palace full of fake bald princes.

i think it's a fantastic show, people will rip it off HARD and not give hedi any credit (as they always do) for years to come, expect tons of studded bikers and sequined leggings etc on couture runways next year. and it fits perfectly with recent hedi collections. what were elaborately worked sequined bombers if not a prelude to this? my patchwork biker is as couture as i ever need to get. but it is the very same aesthetic and ethos in this collection, and the world sorely needs it. what the world doesn't need is more sweatshirts with baboon prints on them pretending to be high fashion, or sheer lingerie with a sequin stuck onto it solely for the dead-eyed mistresses of oligarchs pretending to be couture.
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Originally Posted by neonrider View Post

expect tons of studded bikers and sequined leggings etc on couture runways next year. 


Famous last words.

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I'm awful at photography, but these arrived. 1 size down fits perfect, and especially considering the price ($650) I'm really pleased with them

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I thought the whole show was brilliant - really, really loved it.
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Anyone happen to have contact info for an SA in Europe willing to ship to the US? Feel free to pm me
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@slann01 trashy? hasn't that been the point this entire time?


@neonrider dude, as always I'm with you 100%. I love the shapes, with the bikers and then the extreme skirts kind of like AW15. publically i'll echo your statement verbatim. and looking back on everything this morning with fresh eyes, I like everything a lot more.


that said, something still feels off for me. no matter how interesting it is, it will inevitably play into the closets of the fake prince's daughter. i guess i just prefer ignoring couture altogether. or playing with it through sequined teddy jackets etc. the only hope I have is that it will be offensive when someone wears a studded biker to a couture event. 


I've been trying to figure out what internal prejudice led me to initially dislike it. maybe an ignorance of couture generally? or  maybe i just wanted more of the same. I've never had an interest in fashion, just hedi. and then i started thinking, well, the only reason i got into his stuff was a way to be cooler than my cool friends (still in art and music scenes, who dress this way and in some ways contribute to shaping these aesthetics etc.). and if this is hedi's way of doing that to couture, then fuck it i'm for it. 


and according to the ny times: Asked whether this collection would be Mr. Slimane’s last, a label spokeswoman said serenely, “I don’t know.”

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Originally Posted by therattler View Post

 trashy? hasn't that been the point this entire time?

Sorry man - autocorrect on the mobile Phone made me write it wrong - i meant trash, as in rubbish, bad designs, not trashy, which fw15 for womens was, and i really liked that. He presented some of the designs from ss14 in terms of cuts of dresses, embellished it with sequins and fur here and there and exchanged the ss14 low heel women boots for high heels. The "couture" fraction at the end of the ss16, with slip lurex and silk dresses, were so much better, referencing music culture and also looking way more genuine. I don't think a studded leather jacket on top of a couture dress will ever be revolutionary, in terms of clothing nor in terms of concept.
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Chain Wyatt's on YSL for $995

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Originally Posted by wurlwyde View Post

Has anyone handled the Story et Fall Jodhpurs?

Yes. They're very good for the price, but if you can get SLP, get SLP. The Hedi jods have a noticeably slimmer profile. 

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Originally Posted by Steel28 View Post

Want to grab 3 passants belt. I wear size 31 across SLP denim, what is recommended size to get?


I wear size 31 jeans as well with a size 95 in the 3 passant belt. I hope it helps.
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Anyone know why the palm-print t-shirt retails for nearly €600? Aside from lining Kering's pockets...
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Does anyone in Europe know how much cheaper the SLP women's Palm Tree Bomber will be, in comparison to that which is sold in the states? I have a friend whose interested in this piece, and will be wiling to pay for proxy of the discount is enough.
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