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Originally Posted by Jbidwal View Post

Just got these in. Leather is pretty good. They have a strong chemical smell. Prob from the distressing

How did you size these? :)

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Originally Posted by kelice View Post

How did you size these? smile.gif

I sized down half size but you can easily size down 1
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Originally Posted by OakGhost View Post

@Jbidwal got bikers a while back but haven't worn em. Decided to start figuring out how I want to tailor them and threw the flannel on and black wyatts. Shit picture but you can get a sense of the small. Sleeves are a tad long on me but it doesn't bother me at all since its so casual but obviously won't be an issue for you!

That's a good fit. Glad I sized down then, especially since I prob will never button it
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Re: distressed flannel. I roll the sleeves up on mine cause they're a bit unruly. unbuttoned is cool, but I also dig just a few buttons done up over a tee and under a teddy/leather/denim j.


checked out the bleached black D02's today. They look identical to the pics on the YSL website. cool I guess, but it kind of reminds me those kids in high school who listened to the Casualties and nothing else.


tried on the embroidered silk palm tree bomber. the only size left was a 52. im normally a 46/48, yet the 52 wasn't huge. just a bit big in the sleeves and shoulders. so I think they run small, which is in contrast to the dino, which ran big and I took a 46. holding out for the viscose version. the silk/embroidery is not worth the extract couple thousand.


this is boring, but I wore my cropped black jods for the first time in months today and damn they're fresh. I find that the hardest part to dress is the space between the shoe and the pants, which is why I opt for boots rather than shoes. I moved away from the cropped jods because my jeans don't stack up perfectly, and they aren't exactly cropped. so I kind of found them frustrating. anyways, tried em on today and felt fly as hell.

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Just want to add to the praise pile for the SS16 cotton knee patch denim...great cut/fit and the length is spot on as well.  This was a great denim week for me overall, picked up some new original pairs of SS13 and FW13 D02s as well ;)

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@onlyslp thanks, I'm reall like the shirt a lot and just need to get the bikers tailored and I'm good to go. I'm about 5' 9 1/2". @needhelp123 ya, I honestly wear my suede wyatts almost on the daily. They look really nice with my five zip raw so they would probably be nice with this as well.

@therattler agreed on the sleeves and everything else you said. Really nice under some leather for sure.

@Prudy ya, they are one of my favorite as well. For sure recommended to anyone on the fence about them.
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hey, I've just bought the bang jacket from the ss16 collection, but I've been told a lot of times that this jacket resembles the Japanese rising sun flag, and advised that i shouldn't  be wearing it.  (I have a lot of Korean and Chinese peers)


What should i do with this jacket? Should i just let it rot in the closet?

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Lol - drop $5K on a metallic, sequin embroidered jacket that glitters like gold and you're concerned about your peers... must make for a very congruent look.


Nah I'm just jealous - you can sell it to me at discount if your alternative is to let it rot in the closet :), I think something that could be considered more distasteful are the new Givenchy jesus prints... even I'd think twice about wearing those.

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better to overexpose than to repress. this is interesting though, presumably the company would be aware of these associations since Chinese and Koreans make up an important revenue stream.


whatever though. difference and distaste are built into the mode of production. can anything be offensive?

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lol that's hilarious. you have the wrong friends or the wrong taste, pick one.

grabbed a few flannels and a patchwork biker. it hurt but goddamn is it sick.
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@neonrider awesome. which flannels? love to see a pic of the patchwork--haven't seen it in store anywhere yet

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Blech. I was drawn to the severe minimalism that's all over the "permanent collection" pieces. The D02s, the sleek boots, the skinny cuts, etc. I have no idea what to make of the Christian Audigier/Ed Hardy-type bling-bling shown up there. Or in many of the SS16 pieces. As if it weren't bad enough that Justin Bieber and Harry Styles are posterboys for SLP...

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if it makes you feel better, both harry and justin have pre-ordered pretty much the entire upcoming collection. bieber fever!

@therattler i'll post some pics in a bit!
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Anyone know what's the deal with matches? Why are the prices so low for the USA ? Are they giving us the euro price now?
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Originally Posted by ohmydontcry View Post

Those look legit, they are the concho santiag,

Originally Posted by slann01 View Post

@Oski these look legit. The sole is quite used and as ohmydontcry said, on santiag they place the logo way closer to the toe, so it goes scratched away with wear.

Thanks for the help guys.

I had been wanting to get a pair of Concho Santiags ever since I snoozed on them during the Barney's sale. Love the fact that the strap is removable (pause) if I want a sleeker look. Finally came across a pair my size, for a really good price too. They should arrive by the weekend. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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