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So any news about whether he's really leaving?

I figured Kering would announce it before the show...
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wish hedi would go back to dior...nobody makes the jeans as he does.

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Originally Posted by Isolar View Post

So any news about whether he's really leaving?

I figured Kering would announce it before the show...

course they wouldn't

why isnt photos being uploaded on nowfashion or vogue???

oh crap i didn't evne know that was him, shit that photo really shows his bad slouch
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^so good. at first I thought I would only need a sweater and outer piece since everything carries over seamlessly, but those new trousers are incredible and the footwear is amazing.. small tweaks on the silhouette, the jackets, everything, it just looks so elegant and fresh.


I wonder what Hedi's next big move is. If I recall correctly, his only other time showing up at the end was in his first runway show and the fade to white when he walked back made me think this is it. 

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Are those jeans on the runaway bootcut?


They look like raw hem and bootcut to me lol

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Originally Posted by onlyslp View Post

Are those jeans on the runaway bootcut?


They look like raw hem and bootcut to me lol

They look the same as SS16 Raw Hem MW but a D02 instead of D01 and slightly skinnier, still retaining a bit of loose slack. 

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Can't get over how cool the red velvet boots look on the runway.  Don't picture it being something I would buy, but definitely admiring from afar.



"Thank you Hedi for making these kids the coolest capes on the planet!" 

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Definitely want that jacket too. Nice twist to incorporate classic guitar shapes into the jackets. 

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the red boots look boss

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feels like a greatest hits of hedi era ysl to me, retrospective, goodbye.

maybe it's time. i can see plenty of stuff i'd want from this collection, but then i ask myself why, what's the point? i already have pretty much exactly the same thing from the last six seasons in fifteen different fabrics, colors, rips, treatments, finishes by now. it's a great collection, easily the best designer in the world, upending fashion, all the rest of the stuff we usually discuss, sure. but in the way an anthology is.

to put it another way.

hedi's walking a very fine line between rebellion and decadence with this aesthetic now. if it's just going to be new gilded age party wear for trust fund kids and celebutantes, instagram fodder for bieber and g dragon, it's the opposite of what it's inspired by, supposed to mean, etc. everybody wants to be the rock n roll star who can tell the world to fuck off, but nobody wants to be the fat aging rocker doing lines in a hot tub. so maybe it's time for hedi era ysl to stop here, it's a good place.

he did get a standing ovation tho.
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what i learnt today was that Stallones daughters are hot as hell

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a lot of the looks remind me of DH FW05... maybe a sign of what's to come?

btw there will be one more show in Paris (women FW16) on March 7th cool.gif
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looks like i was right:




whole lotta other references & pics tweeted
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@neonrider it's reassuring that some one else gets it. 'No one wants to be the aging rock star doing lines in the hot tub', exactly right. Which is why hedi should do the Real subversive thing and commit a rock and roll suicide at ysl. Not only is he anthologizing himself here, but now that his work is celebrated by the celebutantes etc. whatever he produces can barely be rebellious. Just look at the front row pictures. My god.


I suppose my point is that this stuff has absolutely been assimilated into the mainstream (boring I know). SLP no longer carries, or even signifies, the subcultural identification that it aspired to at its inception. And remember, most of the FW13 most sought after pieces all went up for sale. It's only now that people are claim that FW13 is the best and how can you even wear newer wyatts!?!? etc etc. So neon you're right. Why buy it? Hopefully hedi quits, and we can keep on wearing it. It'll become even more revered then. i.e. the sunset teddy I'm waiting on, will be marginally cool at my boring office job; laughed at at a show in dalston next month; then begged for in 5 years time. For now, should SLP continue this way, it's hard to get as excited about it all.

That said, the waistcoats and the lace up shoes are a great new addition to the SLP arsenal. And I look forward to grabbing a few pieces from the collection for sure.

@Prudy is gonna dig this. I'll probably agree with you that dressing up is more interesting than dressing down once I get my hands on the waistcoats and scarves.

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