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From current offerings I'd go with the Hedi 30 Chelsea in black leather. The French 60 Chelsea in cracked shiny leather would be up there too, but not as easy to just wear day to day as the lower heel. That's from current offerings. If I had access to the archive, then it would be the Wyatt Chelsea in black leather from AW 13 with the super slim ankle shaft - looks amazing with slightly cropped jeans, how I like to wear mine. Also the original black leather cropped jodhpur or the Blake 30 cropped jodhpur would be up there for sure (can't say I'm the biggest fan of the London version, even though I have them and like them, as they just aren't as nice as the old ones).

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I would honestly go with the Santiags. The unique heel and sharp toes stands out so much from the other boots.

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haha, a pair of cowboy boots as your only footwear. 

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I love my Santiags but for sure could not wear every day. All my other are far more comfortable
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Originally Posted by traCk View Post

the name sounds reassuring, im excited to learn whats happening in the upcoming week(s)

also just a general question for you guys. out of all the boot offerings to choose from, if you could only have 1 black leather boot, which style would you pick?

For me personally it would be the one SLP boot I currently own, the side gore black leather Wyatt/Hedi 40. It's the most versatile boot to me; it can be worn with everything from suits to tee and jeans combo and not look out of place.
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thanks a million for the opinions gentlemen
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^ I generally prefer 30 over 40 for day-to-day.. maybe it's just me but I have to think twice about whether I want to wear 40 (i.e. suede wyatts) because in terms of comfort/walking it's obviously a bit more stilted. 30 is the perfect heel height IMO.

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I would go for the 30 chelseas as well. The elastic makes them super comfortable and easy to walk in. The chain wyatts are a bit higher and the non stretch shaft makes stairs/hills a little bit of a battle. The chelseas when I tried them basically felt like wearing sneakers.

On another note, has there been any quality changes on the varsity/teddy jackets over the years? Thinking of selling my aw'13 for a smaller size, but want to make sure it would be the same.
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I'd definitely pick the Hedi 30 jodhpurs as the most versatile pair of boots from SLP. It's the perfect combination of minimalism and a dash of something interesting (the strap+buckle) without looking as garish as the Santiags or the chain Wyatts. 

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Yeah the Hedi 30 Chelsea's are a pretty good year-round option. The elastic gore will prevent your ankle/calf from feeling too suffocated during the summer because it is the leather/skin/sweat contact that makes it uncomfortable. However, side-zip boots do look a bit sleeker and sexier because of no elastic gore distracting the eyes. The side gore does make the Chelsea boot more versatile for formal and casual fits though.

If you have a chance for some 2013 boots that you like, you should go for it to have a piece of history. I still regret passing up on black suede wyatts.
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I have FW13 Black Wyatts (no chain) as my every day black boot. Love the exposed zip could never wear later Wyatts

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My french 85 chelseas are my only black pair of boots. I tend to gravitate more towards the brown suede options regardless of what I'm wearing

I would probably pick black wyatt side-zips without the harness for an everyday black boot that isn't so aggressive.
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Dj at Superbowl halftime wearing 'bang' bomber

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Anyone found out where to get the tan chelseas in 30 heel? Already preordered the 40 which should arrive on Tuesday, but I'm noticing more and more 30 show up in places like Instagram and I'm not finding them anywhere for purchase...
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Anybody tell me how the made in spain sneakers fit? Preferably the slip-ons in croc print.
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