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All quite a bit above ysl/slp.
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man if you guys are this hair-splittingly pedantic in real life i feel relieved for the girlfriends you don't have.

prudy that video was hilarious lol. wtf. goes back to my point about fashion insiders never reading a fucking book in their lives. no wonder there are no ideas left in this industry.
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What's with the product shots on the official site sometimes not matching what you get from retailers? I recently got an item that could pass as a cheap copy compared to what I can only assume are photos of the sample.

I know this is nothing new but how could they not have fixed it, or maybe it's calculated. Not a good look for the brand either way and don't see how Hedi could be ok with it.
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I think the ysl webstore is run by yoox, so that is probably responsible for the laziness in updating products. It is annoying, I was duped into thinking this season's chain wyatt harness boots in black leather didn't have the extra seam, which turned out to be untrue.

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you know prudy what else is hilarious about that video is a bunch of white british fashion victims suggesting that hedi's out of touch, notably the ridiculous girl in all white with chains, black lipstick, and goth ninja boots who goes on and on about hedi not being political enough, that it's just rip-offs, etc. these people don't understand the meaning of the word "politics", which isn't just wearing silly pins with angry slogans on them (like said girl), but the idea of values that elevate us in some lasting and significant way. it is obvious what those values are to hedi, and in fact he's probably one of the only designers around WITH such values, which is why those of us who share those values (freedom, rebellion, etc) love this stuff to death, it speaks to us.

meanwhile they seem to be ignorant of the fact that jw anderson, craig green and the rest of the trendy but artless london designers while offering "novelty" don't have anything meaningful in that larger sense to say, much less anything compelling to offer aesthetically, which is probably why they are complete commercial and critical failures in the larger world.

they're right in one sense, though. slimane doesn't give a shit about this superficial brain-dead world and it's not too hard to see why.

it's a perfect demonstration of why london is probably the worst big city in the world for fashion right now, no wonder hedi fell so out of love with it.
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@neonrider it's mind-numbing, isn't it?


The part where they start complaining about his treatment of women is one of the biggest WTF moments for me. They explicitly call Hedi a misogynist, but they completely misunderstand who the women he works with represent and who they are.  The moment where they refer to them as 'groupies' for male indie rockers and then go on to dig into each other for their past indiscretions with musicians is incredibly classic - the fact that they slut-shame the models and then themselves is so accidentally poetic, lol.  Great moment in Feminism.


That person, I think Reba is her name - the woman in white, has absolutely no self awareness to the point of pity.

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Well, OK - ha, let's maybe just nip in the bud the dudes talking about femnism trope lest we lead ourselves down the same hypocritical, woeful path. Either way, there's enough insanity uttered on that panel to reinstill the confidence of any Hedi fan a thousand ways NSE&W.
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you're right man, it's a waste of time to give that any attention.

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Originally Posted by Prudy View Post

If you have a few minutes and haven't seen this yet, it's sort of fun/maddening watching these fashun dummies talk themselves into a logical cul de sac about Hedi. At one point, they even intimate that he's a racist because he's so self-referential. Um.....

I seen them before, this group of people don't know shit about anything, they are a fucking joke and should hang themselves.

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I'll be sad to see him leave SL as I think he's done such a good job but almost equally excited to see where he goes and what he does. As long as he doesn't "retire" again then I'm all good!
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Originally Posted by OakGhost View Post

I'll be sad to see him leave SL as I think he's done such a good job but almost equally excited to see where he goes and what he does. As long as he doesn't "retire" again then I'm all good!

Agreed. I'm reminded of something Karl Lagerfeld said when Hedi left Dior Homme, I'm a follower of designers, not brands (might be paraphrasing).
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One thing that i've heard which would be unfortunate is that he had planned to leave LA in general which was another deciding factor in going wherever it is he is going. While I doubt he's dumping the rock aesthetic, most of the people that are close to him or have been hired by him to represent the brand have been completely shut out of his circle for a while now and have no idea what his plans are. A bit of a shame, but I guess it's not much different from how quickly he has changed from scenes, aesthetics and muse's with Dior Homme. 

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It will be interesting to see what happens. I'm kind of disappointed for selfish reasons, as I'm not finished buying the things I want, and what he's done at Saint Laurent is exactly the type of clothes I like to wear. I'm quite surprised with him having just re-launched couture and seemingly having as much freedom as possible.


What do people think of the future for Saint Laurent presuming he goes? If the brand is smart then they will keep producing all of the classic basics designed under Hedi (I'd happily continue buying this kind of thing at least, as long as it's not changed for the worse). I would presume most talented designers wouldn't be too happy to try to follow in his footsteps, and would want to put their own stamp on things. If that's the case, then if they're smart then they'd open some kind of access to order from his archive as a separate line, or at least bring back a selection of pieces from it each season.


It will also be interested to see what he does at whichever house he moves to (I presume Dior). Will it be more of the same? Either way with more options for us as consumers it can only be a good thing, assuming price points aren't too astronomical.

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I'm about 5 minutes into that video. That woman in white is an absolutely vile person. 

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