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The new D01 mid waist cut on the raw hem for SS 16 is reasonably skinny. It's not a skinny cut like a D02, but it's not intended to be. They are still very stylish, but just don't taper as much as the skinny jeans (see the runway). They taper to 16.5 cm below the knee and then stay at that. 

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Really?  I'm in the US and I only see the black/bleached pair...I should've been more specific, I'm looking for the blue "destroyed" or "trash" denim.  Thanks for the info on the fly, did not know that...so these would indeed be d02?  http://www.farfetch.com/shopping/men/saint-laurent-distressed-slim-fit-jeans-item-11282503.aspx?storeid=9111&ffref=lp_pic_14_10_
hmm that's strange, they show up for me. here's the direct link in case you want it smile.gif

also, yes, those ones you linked should be d02. farfetch is all over the place with the naming of their items for some reason. hope they work out for you!
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Hazelnut Santiag came in today from YSL.com. Went TTS and fit is perfect.

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needs more 'stacking'.

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I almost got those D02's but they fit me kind of like yours where the rips are about an inch or two below the knee...Not sure how I feel about it. 

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Anyone know whats happening Feb 10? Also, new drops on YSL.com

Needhelp mentioned a few days ago that the FW16 show would be a in a few weeks, so maybe it's the date for the show?

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Needhelp mentioned a few days ago that the FW16 show would be a in a few weeks, so maybe it's the date for the show?


No, FW16 Mens is January 24

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perhaps haute couture? cause around that time is haute couture

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No pics but one of my clients tried them on yesterday. Really great in person. Blowouts are great.

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Popped down to London today and picked up one of the old black silk pocket t-shirts from AW 13. I prefer the finer neck band and I think the fit is better than the newly changed AW 15 one. Was disappointed not to be able to get a grey one as well, but the two I saw were in bad condition (one had a pull where the tag had been pressed against it, and the other neckline was all bent back. Also got to try the Leopard sweater. I'm a bit late to the party on this one and my size is sold out, but I got an idea of it from trying the size down. Very tempted to get it as the online store has one on sale, just not sure how much I'd wear it as I don't think it's suits me all that well. 


Also picked up one of the classic black cashmere sweaters as Bond Street re-stocked them for SS 2016. Fit is very good now that I've moved up a size, but neckline is smaller than they used to be even in a size above. Still happy to get one as it's a smart and easy to wear item:



Still no re-stock on the black extra fine merino sweaters that the staff wear though. When they do I'm going to buy like 3 of them or something. Space man jacket was fun to look at, and apparently is selling very well. 


Saw the new D02 raw black for SS 2016 and didn't even need to try it on to see that it isn't very skinny. I think it might be time for me to start considering other brands for denim now with the mid-waist being the first wearable pair since 2013 for me, and even they're pretty baggy in the knees. Incidentally, I asked a staff member today about which model his jeans were as they were really skinny and looked fantastic, and it turns out they were ACNE womenswear, although of course he isn't supposed to say that. 

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Double post.

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@kieran84 the extra fine merino sweaters are the best, def get them when you can, i have a crew and v-neck, best sweaters i own.

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Yeah they're amazing. I have two of the black crew necks myself, but I wear them to go out all the time so they're showing wear. They're also a little on the snug side for me as they're very fitted, and I'd be better with a size up for a more relaxed looking fit, albeit still fitted. The v-neck is nice too. The cashmere silk blend v necks they did a season later (SS 14) weren't bad either, though not as nice in fit.

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If he sized down they would be skin tight. Y'all are crazy in this thread almost worst than the APC crowd of sizing down.

Thank you..I was reading some of the ridiculous specifications for sizing down and how close the rips should be above or below the knee like nobody cares lolol.

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