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Any experiences or thoughts on the lizard-embossed offerings? Thinking about the jodhpurs since I can't find the Wyatts anywhere.
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Personally not fan of embossed animal textures, especially on the SL boots. I think those look best in a more natural leather or suede finish.

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i used to have a pair of slp 17.5 cm selvedge denim jeans when they first came out. wished i still had them. does anyone know where you can buy them still? much appreciated.

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Visited the slp store during my trip in Vegas. Tried on these destroyed's. I sized down one and couldn't get them up all the way, this pair here was tts for me. Waist was pretty good, slightly loose but the cut seemed perfect. I'm gonna get a pair of these someday...someday.

Btw, the Vegas salesperson that helped me was terrible. All up in my business, not talkative, seemed to be pissed about working during Christmas or something. She just seemed to have a permanent frown on her face lmao.

Other than that I was just impressed by the leather for the jackets and suede boots (cropped jodhpur cigar suede felt amazing)
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Any shoe trees recommendations for suede Hedi 30 Jods? Will they loose shape/stretch?

Also thinking to grab black raw hem denim as my next purchase.
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Any experience with the Bangkok boutiques? Any one better than the other?
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Guys thinking of getting the denim jacket, but..what other pants can you wear with it besides black?

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Originally Posted by bawlin View Post

Any experience with the Bangkok boutiques? Any one better than the other?
The central embassy one is better than the one in emquartier
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Yesterday I got oil/ashes stains on my hedis from a BBQ, I got most of it out but as you can see the suede is clearly darker around that area now.

Anyone got tips of how to get it cleaned or atleast reduce the damage or will it never get out anymore?


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^ good job.. now they got that SS16 weathered look nod[1].gif

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Hi there I never post but always read the thread and I need some advises, there is a men selling a LOT of sl stuff (sometimes 2X the same pieces) and I wonder if it s legit because its weird.

Here's his pages : /


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Some SS16 pieces looking awesome in this video. I knew I'd like this collection more once the stylists start putting stuff together for shoots (there are past season items in there as well though). Particularly loving the frayed edge jeans with the Hedi 30 Chelsea boots - not sure if the jeans are SS 16 or SS 15 though (any suggestions?). Incidentally, I was just admiring one of the Sales Assistant's pair of these boots at the Bond Street store yesterday - he had the skinny black jeans cropped slightly to show the boot, with the three passant belt and one of the classic extra fine merino knits - definitely on my buy list for shoes once re-stocked).


Speaking of the new collection, I got to try the leather low top with camo laces yesterday. I really liked them - there is subtle distressing on them, and they looked great on (not really like a typical sneaker). I'm still undecided on whether or not I'm going to buy trainers though as I haven't worn trainers in over a decade as they're not really me (passed on the socks again for this reason). Also not sure if I want the mid-top or the low-top. 


Picked up the navy ivory cashmere breton originally from SS 15 which has been re-stocked for 16 (also there's an offering with the green from the dinosaur sweater used on the stripes). A nice, albeit subtle, bit of knitwear. 


Also got to see the surf board - beautiful (approx £5000 though!!). They also had the skateboards (about £500). Seems like the dinosaur sweater is a hit already as it's sold out at Bond Street and also on, Ssense, and LVR. 


I also put my name down for a pair of the London 20 cropped Chelseas in black once they arrive. Staff seem pretty excited about these - not surprising as the cropped jodhpurs are such a hit with them. 

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i just asked the same question in the facebook group, but you guys here are pretty good. how much cheaper is it buying SLP outside of the US? if, for example, a small Sac De Jour retails for $2750 USD- or leather babycat skates retail for $595- what would they be elsewhere? thanks

additionally, just to add... i got a chance to try on the black destroyed "stained" denim at the NY store. i was really disappointed. they fit huge, i definitely would have needed to size down. i didnt like the tears in them, and the stained effect was not really prominent. would really love to get my hands on the original fw13
that being said, the NY store is gorgeous! 3 floors, the top one is all mens. my SA even told me its now the biggest SLP store in the world, pretty cool!
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not sure if the jeans are SS 16 or SS 15 though (any suggestions?)


those look like the s15 they way they hug below the knees,


also post some pics if you have time!

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I'm not sure, I think you're probably right except that the 28s I had from SS 16 fitted me like that in the lower leg, but the 29s look looser. I kept the 29s as I'm tired of my jeans riding up my leg all the time and having to pull them down every time I stand up / climb stairs - kind of wish I'd kept the 28s now though.

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