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I dont own the 5zips but I own d02 from 14 and 15 and my fw13 d02s are significantly tighter especially in the thighs/waist. All are size 29. I would consider there to be a 1 size difference between them

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anywhere stull got a 37 or 38 paint splatter shirt sale? thanks
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When sizing down .5 size on a pair of Jodhpurs, would the different be more noticeable in the length or the width? Wondering if .5 would even make a difference.
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Originally Posted by halberdklown View Post

When sizing down .5 size on a pair of Jodhpurs, would the different be more noticeable in the length or the width? Wondering if .5 would even make a difference.

It makes a difference :lol

But it's possible
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I am interested in buying a pair of black cropped jopdhpurs and I'm unsure on the sizing. I wear size 7.5UK in Meermin's Hiro Last and size 42 in Margiela's GATs? Any help would be appreciated.

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SLP boots are pretty TTS. Try measuring the length of your feet from heel to toe (in cm) then compare to their Japanese sizing in their online sizing chart.

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Got this flannel on Wednesday and finally had a moment to take a few photos. Got it on farfetch.com on sale for half off! Had to jump on it! First thoughts were the pattern on it it really pops and stands out. Feels really comfortable too. It's over sized which I'm not really into but this one seems to fit really well especially in the shoulders and arms. It's really long which I didn't like at first but got used to it.





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my new insta, please give feedback thanks much love

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Honestly, I don't like how the flannel fits on you. Long as you're happy though. It's a nice shirt.
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The pattern on the flannel is great, but you're right, it's way too long. Have it hemmed. It's like $25 but well worth it.
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Long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to get all your guy's opinions and thoughts on this. So I really love the Saint Laurent look, but I am definitely not skinny. Do you guys think it's still acceptable to go for the SLP aesthetic, like skinny jeans, fitted jackets and boots etc?
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Does anyone own any SLP bags or briefcases. I am thinking especially of the classic monogram printed canvas bags such as:


Can anyone comment on the quality?
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well I would avoid canvas and get proper leather if you wanna spend that kinda money

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bry2000 I haven't seen that briefcase, but I have the classic black grain de poudre large museum briefcase and love it. I wear it with the padlock out and the strap attached, and have had more compliments on this than on any other Saint Laurent item that I have. It looks great even with fairly casual outfits, is great quality / durable, and really practical (great for a lap top and some food etc, day trips and even a weekend trip if you travel light, as I do. I had the duffle 24 bag before and ended up selling it as it was just too big for day to day use.


1997 I'm probably one of the few here that's of the opinion that Saint Laurent can look great even on larger people. Of course it looks best on the model types, but it still beats the other alternatives for bigger people. Just make sure you buy the right size for you rather than try and squeeze into a smaller sizes (nothing worse than this look). There's a guy in my social circle that's actually quite overweight, but is in a band and wears all the Saint Laurent style stuff (skinny jeans, leather jackets, etc) and pulls it off fantastically. Maybe keep it a little more simple and avoid the more ostentatious pieces that one really needs to be very skinny to pull off.


Prudy and TheRattler, I'm glad you like the leather jacket I bought. It's actually my first leather purchase in the three years I've been buying Saint Laurent, and I'm very pleased with it. It's taken me so long because bikers, although being a great fit from Saint Laurent, aren't really my style, and none of the other styles I like that I've tried (such as the western and the trapper) have fitted very well. I've always wanted an A-2 style jacket as I love the one from DH 2006, and find them to be very versatile, and so after trying it and seeing just how good the fit is, it was an instant purchase.


Speaking of the classic DH A-2 from 2006, the four pocket leathers are a style I'm really surprised hasn't been revisited by Hedi at Saint Laurent, as they used to sell like crazy, and were some of the most sought after leathers from DH (that one and the 2005 funnel collar one Carl Barat used to wear). 


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