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I love the long blazers with the short dresses. the whole thing has a nonchalance that's pretty cool.
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Originally Posted by kieran84 View Post

I went to Bond Street to try the French Chelsea 60 mm boot in cracked shiny leather yesterday. I really liked them and tried them on for a while, but decided to sleep on the decision in the end as the heel is pretty out of my comfort zone. Slept on it and then bought them online this morning as I couldn't resist. I'm not sure how much I'll wear them with the heel, but they are still great. One thing about them is that the cracked shiny leather is amazing with the black jeans, and this particular model will break in and crease up fantastically. I have the 45 snap closure in the same leather (awesome), but I think the Chelsea is a little more me.

For those that have the 60 mm, how much do you wear them, and do you feel self conscious at all?

I wear mine just about everyday. I love them. I havent felt self conscious or uncomfortable ever when wearing mine. I wouldnt worry too much about it. Just gotta have a bit of confidence and you'll be fine.
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they should call this collection Glastonbury.. rotflmao.gif

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good call @mugatu that's exactly what it is.

the photos on twitter are beautiful. again the whole thing is a lot more subtle than it looks at first glance. I'd love to hear some girl's opinions.
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Originally Posted by PaulASmith View Post

No, I photograph for fashion spreads and often ask for SLP hookups smile.gif  which often I just sell on (except for the stuff I keep in my size! of course)

Dude, even Vogue has to return stuff (well most of the time). Sure sometimes they'll ask the stylist a few times but hey...
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I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this collection Fuuma. 

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Hey guys. Does anyone recognize the product code:

37976 BT300 9848?
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i'd really like to make my first purchase of SLP denim, but was wondering if any fitter like the Acne Max's? as these fit athletic fairly legs well

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YSL stop fucking splitting the videos in to a million parts, its not 2002 and start uploading in true 1080 hd not this barely 480 shit. Imagine showing Hedis couture next year if he intends to present in this manner cant see jack shit
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Moving to LA.




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SLP leather owners, would love to see your fits in this thread!
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Reminder: you have only a few hours left to participate in @willy cheesesteak
 's Leather Jacket Challenge!
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damn, tim blanks mutilated this collection in his review. i honestly can't remember the last time a collection was torn in to that bad. 

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if you want girls' opinions, my gf has pretty much only worn ysl since hedi's return but she loathed this collection in both practical and symbolic terms so much it was pretty striking, so did nearly every single one of her friends. they were notably disgusted (in a few cases angered) by the whole thing, totally turned off by the basic ideas (or lack thereof) herein. needless to say, not many girls want to look like they're bad imitations of spoiled cokehead models at festivals. and especially not those that hedi's trying to design for.

personally, i think hedi's spending too much time partying with the wrong people, and if he's not careful he's going to end up something like an overpriced tailor to the tasteless super rich of a new gilded age. which is not exactly a title that anyone especially with hedi's talent should covet.
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I'm no SLP/YSL specialist, but I'm struck by the stark difference in what is often presented as "iconic Slimane" sensibility when it comes to men's fashion versus the pictures of his collection for women posted in the preceding pages. 

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