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Originally Posted by filcol View Post

However, I'm looking for a nice alternative to the SLP leather biker and I couldn't find any that I would like enough..
Couldn't justify paying that much money yet though


it might be worth checking out the 2013 Double Rider from ToJ (I've owned the 2010 DR and the ToJ1 varsity, and I can attest to the high quality of the leather). apart from the zipper pocket placements, the 2013 DR is pretty similar to the SLP Classic Moto Jacket, which is why I placed an order for it. plus, it's made-to-measure. here's a photo of that model:


also, someone just posted in the ToJ thread, "Went to SLP, Dior and hilfiger(lol) stores today in NYC and all the SAs were mirin my QDR. Honestly the SLP and dior leathers felt like shit compared to my toj." not sure how biased the post is, but from my experience with designer leathers, the ToJ leathers do honestly often seem superior in comparison. I'm a huge fan of Saint Laurent, but just saying, the ToJ is similar in design, +$2000 cheaper, and made-to-measure. the only thing is that it'll take months until you'll have your ToJ (ordered mine in June, still haven't received it yet…)

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Originally Posted by BruceWayne91 View Post

I got two BLK DNM jackets already smile.gif one white and one blue suede so thats why i want a black SLP. I really like the brand and I got some shoes, jeans and bags but I feel that I might be a bit of a douche spending that kind of money on a jacket...

Well despite what you said before about your financial situation, it doesn't seem to be a problem if you own that many expensive pieces of clothing/shoes/etc. So if it's something that you would really love and wear for quite some time, then maybe it's worth it. I still stand by trying multiple other brands, given you like the styling of them, to compare against the SLP version. That always helps me make a purchase. If it fits you like a glove or you can't find specific details on another, then maybe it's the one for you. But if you can and it makes you just as happy, then maybe it's not the one.

I wear a vintage Schott biker that makes me just as happy as SLP and I purchased it for $150. Just food for thought.
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^^ well if that's the case, you should buy my CCP leather I've listed for sale. that is if you're a 48. smile.gif sorry for shameless plug.
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If SLP fits you perfectly, then I am not sure there are many alternatives and at $3k, I'd jump on it since you don't seem to be struggling considering your other purchases. Chances are it'll just set you back from your other clothing purchases like another pair of jeans or shoes that you probably do not need. Sounds like you don't have a black leather yet so my suggestion is to go for it.
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Originally Posted by BruceWayne91 View Post

I would like to have some advices from other wise members here. Im thinking about buying a SLP leather jacket for 3k. Im a college student (in Sweden) so I dont have any big expenses and I have a part time job and the money for the jacket but Im not sure if its worth it? I want one but the price is so extreme that Im hesitating. What do you think?

If you decide not to go through and buy it, but still want another leather jacket, I can recommend taking a look at the Acne Studios leather jackets :)

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The SLP one is much nicer than the Acne and I've handled both. TOJ leather is probably nicer, but the SLP was at least better than the Givenchy and Balmains.
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does this look legit to you guys? the price is really low for slp leathers

did they make these in both calf and lamb?
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Looks too good to be true especially since he has a bunch of other sizes for sale. I also don't like it that majority of his feedbacks are private.
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I took a shot since it's Italy and if it's fake I'll just file a snad no big loss
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I've seen great deals out of Italy that are legit, like those rick Owens leathers a while back for like 650
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Let us know how it turns out.
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haha all sold in minutes after i postted. 48 is mine. here's to a miracle and these being legit nest.gif
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Wow, great f'in deal! I hope those turn out to be legit. The only thing that looks a little off to me is the chain above the tag but that could just be me being a bit paranoid. Let us know how it works out and if you don't want the 48, I'm down. wink.gif
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I asked the seller if he has any more of the jackets and he says he does but he can only accept banktransfers now because paypal has reached its incoming limit?

I didnt know there was one, is it possible? It feels a bit shady when he asked if I could pay through Western Union and stuff...


It still may be the real thing though, and it could be completly normal to use western union and banktransfers in Italy

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Don't, under any circumstance, use Western Union for payments. It's a scam 99% of the time.

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