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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

I agree that $1.5K is now the standard for "high-end" outerwear, but that short trench is just a short trench. the peacoat is just a peacoat.

the hoodies are something one could buy in a mall. There is nothing there that is remotely interesting or desirable.

You don't understand man! Hedi's genius is present in all of these items, he's rejecting design and now just producing un-embellished standard products as a rebellion to todays norms.
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I don't think we're really Hedi's target audience here... prices seem to be directed solely toward big timers.
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The SLP stuff is aimed squarely at the tumblr hypeboys and I think it will do well there.  It's pretty disappointing though, I know it's not cool to like Dior Homme anymore but this whole collection is really terrible in comparison.


The jeans look impossibly skinny on the ssense model.

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A lot of this stuff sold wayyy early (October) on the website for pre-order somehow.
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The fit is indeed terrible but none of the jeans fit on ssense are good on that model... Dude has a flat ass.
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

The jeans look impossibly skinny on the ssense model.

He is actually an amputee with broomsticks for calves.

More seriously, I'm pretty sure he has modelled shorts for Ssense and I can't say his legs were memorably creepy looking, so I guess the jeans are just brutally slim and he's not quite filling them out. 16cm hem is going to be a disaster on sizes above 31-32.
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The F/W runway show was a bit too much for me, but as an aside when I went to their website I saw new items available for this season and like them A LOT. For instance,

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I like this show.

old colapic

Saint Laurent Fall 2013 look
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So I picked up those black "raw" skinny jeans. They're MIJ and have a 16cm leg opening. That said, they seem to have a little stretch in them, so no problem getting them on. I went with my normal size 28, as I didn't see a 27 available anywhere and didn't feel the need to size down. Will post some pics later. I love 'em. Very rock n' roll, but in a dressier sense.
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I am new in the forum.


Sorry for my poor english. I have just picked up a pair of raw SLP jeans on a boutique in Madrid.


They are as long as DH raw but completly different about tone (when I bought the jeans I was wearing my MIJ raw and the colour is different).


I have picked up raw 19 cm (you can see on the tag of the jeans) and I have bought the same size than on my MIJ raw (29).


I think they are thinner than DH. I didn´t see raw on 17,5 or 16 but I prefer in 19cm; 17,5 could be thinner but also baggier and 16 cm is too skinny for me.

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I hope everyone is well. I wanted to join this thread with a question. Many of you have voiced that this collection is overhyped and something that has been done before. Truthfully I am someone that doesn't much follow the trends but when I consume "fashion brands" it is in hopes that the pricetag will match the quality of the garment both in terms of material and in quality control (i.e. nothing will fall apart without abuse and zippers, etc which fail will be of YKK or riri quality, etc.) and because I also like a garment in particular.

I am a fan of the more conservative and found this jacket to my liking (wont attached as I don't own it) but after hearing your comments, I was wondering if any of you can point me to a similar jacket that you like or have experience this or if this is one of those cases where I should just buy what I like since other things won't really get close to it.

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APC makes a very similar jacket that's a quarter of the price


Search for "Varsity jackets"

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saint laurent is basically spurr with higher prices and worse quality
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Yes, so I went to the NYC store and checked out some of the suits. I wasn't quite impressed with the quality and the guy was telling me they fit slimmer than DH, but I did not find that to be so (I think he was trying to sell me a size higher than my normal because that's what they had in stock, which I found pretty low brow). Quality of the overall pieces doesn't scream DH to me at all, although the leathers SLP uses seems very supple. The sneakers are definitely what seems to be selling best.
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