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Don't you think the pictures on yoox look retarded? It's like they just took the item straight out of the box, threw it on a white table and made a picture.

Look at this one for example:

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Originally Posted by kelice View Post

You can always e-mail ysl about the items you're interested in and they'll tell you where they are still available

yes, good point. i was hoping to try on the chain harness side zips, but they didn't have my size. the SA was very helpful though and i barely squeezed into a boot that was a half size down. he tracked down the last two pairs in my size at the NYC store, but i wasn't ready to drop full retail on them (he offered either to ship to store or i could order over the phone and have them shipped to my apt). $1275 is pretty steep for a calf though and i'd rather drop that much on a cordovan boot. i missed their black friday sale as i was out of town visiting family. frown.gif

the slp store in union square is nice. white marble everywhere, very modern and minimal. i saw maybe 5 SAs and i was one of the two shoppers in the store. lol

i'm loving the 15.5cm cut though. wore my coated blacks yesterday and they fit better than my skull 5010 and samurai s003. it's kind of odd that the top block is so loose though. on tagged 28, the waist measures 29.5. i'm afraid to size down as the thigh/calf would probably be too tight.

15.5cm raws on the way from ssense. biggrin.gif
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Yes, the yoox pics usually suck very hard. However, Items are ofc authentic and good deals are common.
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I was wondering how the sizing ran on the plaid flannel button downs? and if it was available in stock ANYWHERE? :(

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Does anyone know if the 15.5cm skinny jeans from this season have the exact same fit as the previous?
And also, should I take the same size in the jeans with 2% elastane as the 100% cotton?

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Originally Posted by srizvi722 View Post

I was wondering how the sizing ran on the plaid flannel button downs? and if it was available in stock ANYWHERE? frown.gif

I found that they fit TTS. That said, I'm only 5'6", so always need some tailoring, and the smallest I've ever seen is 15 for SLP. I like a 14.5.

I don't think they're around anymore, at least the one or two I saw in the NYC boutique were like size 18 or something huge.
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Anybody know if they'll be bringing back the destroyed denim this season, or if it is still available anywhere?
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by izzyfBOC View Post

Hey Guys figured I'd chime in with my experience with a pair of SLP denim i recently purchased.

99% Cotton 1% Elastane

I ordered them on and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Based on the model number they are considered skinny but they don't fit like it what so ever.

I wear a size 36. 6'2'' 230lbs. I would consider my build semi-athletic with defined calves.

When i first put these jeans on they were pretty tight but by day 2 they loosened up quite a bit due to the elastane element in them. they are way more comfortable now that I've pretty much broken them in after i took my dog to the park, he snapped the leash and i had to chase him down in them LMAO after that incident they fit more on the slim side.

i took some measurements. inseam:34.5" Hem: 7"/18cm based on how they fit i wouldn't even consider getting a pair of 17.5 or 19cm SLP denim in either 100% cotton raws or the ones with polyurethane mixed in. because the hems would be way too baggy in my size. my skinnys carry the same hem as the straight leg model and i am pleased it worked out that way.

the waist is accurate with enough room in the thighs and seat that they don't look like I'm wearing girl jeans and i can grip the denim with my thumb and index ( a test i do to ensure if the denim is too tight in the thigh and for purposes of range of motion) . the ankles stack nicely and pull away from skin after it rounds out the calves. don't let the bony models on ssense and other sites fool you. no matter what style you get skinny, slim, or straight the denim is cut very narrow it just depends on the type of hem you choose to go with that makes all the difference in the look you want to achieve.

I compared them with a pair of DH MIJ raws 19cm i own (slimane era) and these SLP's in my opinion are much better to ME because the ankle stacking in the DH were too baggy for my size even when i ended up sizing down to a 34 instead of my TTS 36.

The SLP denim in general are made for a streamlined appearance and i knew this before buying them just based on looking at how they fit the models on these sites. once your size is over a 32 your measurements start to cross over to the next hem. so in my case the skinnys which were a 16cm style ended up being 18cm (17.5) in a size 36. which made me not even want to go with a 19cm style because they'll just double up in the hem and be too loose in the places i don't want hence not even looking like the intended style of the denim. i have worn them with high top sneakers tongues in or out and they swag so nicely. but low tops are ideal for me when i rock these because that stacking looks so clean compared to my DH because its so much less bulky fabric around the ankles

hope this kind of helped. i attached a fit pic with the denim i just reviewed.



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Originally Posted by izzyfBOC View Post

I don't know how you guys wear your jeans but all the SLP denims fit very true to size. sizing up or down will set you up for discomfort, ill fits, and returns/exchanges especially if they have elastane / polyeurathane blends.

Unless you're buying a pair of 19cm SLP expect tightness in the legs from the knees down with minimal stretch in those areas. waist and thighs fit fine after a couple wears.

On the other hand I just picked up a pair of 100% Cotton MIJ SLP 19cm Raw Denim on Mr.Porter during the black friday sale. very pleased with my purchase! They fit exactly like my MIJ DH Raws but sits just a little bit higher on the hips. Went true to size. They're still stiff ofcourse and they will stretch out once i start wearing them hard.

Long Inseams, ankle stacking, button fly, subtle details. very nice. will post fit pics soon.



Thank you and everyone else for their input and help.  I recently purchased the 15.5 black stretch denim from Ssense in a 34. I have a little room in the waist area and they gently hug my against my thighs so I look forward to breaking them in with more wear.  Y'all weren't kidding about the fit from the knee down. But them stacks tho...I'm 5'7" so I may consider hemming them just a little, but we'll see.  I may actually look into buying a pair of raws in the future so I assume you go TTS as well for the 100% cotton or size up?  Thank you all again for the help!


Oh, and they were 98% cotton  / 2% polyurethane D02 M/SK-LW


Originally Posted by kelice View Post

Has anyone tried to wash their jeans? Mine are labelled "do not wash".



Why not dry clean unless you got raws and want fades.

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here's somewhat of a fit pic of the MIJ 100% Cotton 19cm RAWS. I said I wouldn't get a pair (plans change nod[1].gif) but at $315 from the Mr.Porter black Friday sale, It was hard to resist.

Very Pleased! Fits exactly like my DH MIJ pair except you go TTS on these SLP Raws. I've been putting some wears on these to get the thighs and waist loosened up. its only been a month and they fit slightly better but I have high hopes within 3months with constant wear they'll be perfect. I work in a business casual setting so these only see daylight on Fridays and weekends lol.

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Fit question regarding the SLP jeans. I got some MIJ 98% cotton 2% stretch raw jeans 17.5cm recently. I love the minimal design of them, but I'm wondering if anyone has worn in a pair of these jeans and found them to stretch a lot? The pair I'm wearing are a 30. The thighs are snug, everything is perfect except the waist is a little big. If the waist won't stretch out, they should be fine, but I'm worried that they will get too big. The 29's were really, really tight, so they are a no go. Here are some fit pics. My experience in raw Diors is that they did not stretch out as much as other raw jeans, like APC.


If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated. 




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Yeah, they stretch a lot, hence why I said a few times in this thread to take your size, even if they feel super tight. Looks like the tag is still on them though, so you can probably return them.

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Thanks for your help. 

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They do stretch out mate! They're extremely uncomfortable and tight at first but they will stretch out a decent bit if you go true to size. They actually get pretty comfortable after a while and almost fit like a second skin after a while.
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Hey everyone.

The pair of skinny SLPs I ordered just came in. I went true to size but it's veeeeery tight, I guess I have to size up, what do you guys think?

This is a size 30.

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