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i don't want to ruin the fabric like make it thin or lose the colour, they aren't raw

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Originally Posted by Slpbaby808 View Post

These are bottega veneta
He has a grey pair, cigarette shade, and brown.
Been sold out for awhile now


There were only two pairs of Bottega Chelsea boots. The shadow grey and brown (not sure the correct name of the color)


The pair in the picture above are the shadow greys he had dyed to a dark brown.

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i like those bottega boots, kanye does a lot of DIY doesn't he? he even converted his Thom Browne oxford into SS lol

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A quick question, do you guys get your normal size for the wyatt boots, do I have to size up or down? Normally I will wear thick socks for boots!

I am getting this


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i got the suede bottega lace boot and i really like them. They are super comfortable and go with many casual outfits.  They actually got me into boots and my interest for a SLP pair.  Really like the suede on the bottegas

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Question for those with the leather wyatts. How easy are they to pull off with a casual look? I unloaded my black suede jodhpur boots because I found the suede look too dressy or out of place. They just sat and collected dust. I been debating the black leather wyatt as a replacement but I necer owned a casual leather boot before. I don't want a dressy look, if that makes sense.
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The best dressed celeb is Barbara Martelo. Don't forget "the Saint Laurent boy is a girl" lol


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Originally Posted by leclutchjames View Post

Isn't slimanes look made for tall skinny dudes around 6'-6'3 at about waist 30 or so or less? Lol

Ye is only about 5'8 and has a bigger frame. I can see what you mean though. Just being difficult

Anyway I love all the post today. Great to see some discussion in the thread


Troye Sivan who walked in the AW15 show is 5' 8'', and I've met Jack Kilmer who walked in the SS15 show and modeled for the permanent collection campaign, a couple times and he's my height, which is around 5' 10''. Honestly, Hedi cares more about weight (he likes 'em thin) and background (part of the L.A. indie rock scene) then height. Height is just a bonus. 

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Originally Posted by neonrider View Post

i'm just going to gently say that i think there's not really a single celeb who wear sl truly well.

i see harry styles at sl every now and then. he tries on tons of the latest stuff, and he's pretty confused by it. he eventually looks at me like "dude. i want to look like you!! help!!!". but i'm not wearing anything special. usually just an L-something or other, beaten to hell d02's, and battered wyatts/rangers.

it's not really that hard, and i think a lot of people, especially people with stylists, make it much harder than it needs to be.

looking to celebs for fashion advice is like asking gold miners for money-making advice. they might get lucky, but really, the two aren't really very well related. being famous is no guarantee of having any semblance of style.

prudy, a lot of the silk shirts haven't come in yet. the silk used on the new band collar shirts is not as nice as the old silk, but i think that used in the collared will be the same.


Yeah, in particular I was looking for some of the silk from the Psych collection, but all they had was babycat and stars.  I know some of it is available online but I like to see it up close if I can...I'll keep an eye out for it, still, thanks!

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