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Quick detail shot pic from last night (Click to show)

teddy/lips jacquard shirt
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Dude the pepsi looks outstanding with the teddy!!
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inb4 a 4 page long debate about whether or not stainless sport model rolexes fit Hedi's vision for the ideal SLP aesthetic... shog[1].gif
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Ha, I'm a watch guy, and I think we chatted about his affinity for Cartier Tanks, which makes too much sense. I think he designed the Chiffron Rouge watch for Dior, which is sort of neat, with the whole idea of the dial flipping to contrast with the shirt or jacket.
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Im a big fan of the new Drive De Cartier.. Very elegant and versatile. 

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I saw photo of Hedi wearing stainless steel sport watch with his L17 so it is Hedi-approved for casual outfits.

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its been so long since I've seen these shots.. how times have changed, he looks dumpy wearing those baggy rags. 

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Originally Posted by ChrisN09 View Post

Are there even any good alternatives to the L17 or L01 (eu based) that aren't 3k euros? Really want one, but since im still dropping weight theres no point spending that amount of money

I'm sure I;ll get slated for this - but Sandro often have leather jackets very similar in aesthetic to SLP that are only around 800e, and their quality is great. They even go on sale too, often for around 450e.
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lose weight, buy the L17, don't settle for anything else. do you know how diminuitive the zipper hardware on any other brand looks when compared to that of an L01/L17? :laugh: 


in my experience i wouldn't bridge the gap/settle cos i know i'd always yearn for what i originally wanted - plus what better way to motivate yourself to lose weight, can treat yourself after :)



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@ohyehhh Looks sick! what size is that then a 48? Deets on the L17 too? Calf/Lamb? Season?

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ohyehhh is killing it!
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Originally Posted by mwn11 View Post

@ohyehhh Looks sick! what size is that then a 48? Deets on the L17 too? Calf/Lamb? Season?


ss16, size 48. lamb (mutton?) leather.


i had originally tried a size 50 in selfridges which fitted well but you could tell from the back there was a lot loose fabric. i thought that was 'good enough' and i was on the cusp of buying until i tried a 48 in sloane st which fitted like a glove. the reason i'm pointing that out is cos i almost went for 50 on the basis of it fitting well everywhere else but i'm glad i went out of my way to try the next size down even though i thought i wouldn't be able to fit.


btw, refer back to neonrider's post/review with pictures here, which me 90% convinced me to take the plunge haha:



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@ohyehhh congrats man looks great. I hope to you your red 01 back in rotation as well!

@cyc wid it killing it!! Agreed on the watch with the teddy..looks great
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This is one of my favourite Hedi fits. Subtle, with some jewelry peaking out in his left wrist.
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@ohyehhh so good man. love the short tee showing off the belt. I might copy this totally for dinner tonight haha. SS16 L17 is something special, the aged mutton makes it tougher and durable, but still has that oily look of luxury lambskin.


and i'm with you on not settling. it just makes the inevitable SLP purchase more expensive.

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