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@echau very nice!
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Originally Posted by Maximus6 View Post

Do you guys have any youtubbers you recommend? Can't really find any high end / SLP reviewers or vloggers etc



New video I made up today. Got a new camera, but still working on audio and microphone, I'll try to keep them weekly, probably even two a week depending on work and university. I hope you'll enjoy, feedback, likes and subscribes appreciated. Cheers!

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@slann01 Amazing jacket there and nice vid. What you studying at university out of curiosity?

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Styled the silver boots with quite a plain outfit cause they're already pretty loud and didn't want to feel too conspicuous at uni. Definitely think the gold boots, silver and the woven need to be styled with quite neutral clothing or you can end up looking a bit full on.

Leaning towards gold as my favourites but the fringed as my go to every day boots.

Going to see what comes in next season before I buy any more, if nothing new interests me I'll try and grab a pair of black chains or some black suede jodphurs. Think my next buy is the classic teddy jacket, but need a new laptop from this months pay check so I'll have to wait until the end of November or poss Christmas before I can swing it.
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Originally Posted by mwn11 View Post

@slann01 Amazing jacket there and nice vid. What you studying at university out of curiosity?


Thanks, I study architecture.

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does the coat fit tts or would you suggest sizing up/down

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What are some Blog and social media things you guys follow for all youre SLP and high end stuff? (Facebook groups, IGs etc)

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These just came in:

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Love them but god knows when I'd get chance to wear them out, definitely night boots!

Would definitely be good to see some fit/styling pics
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I can't see myself wearing anything other than black jeans/black shirt/black blazer with them. Or maybe black jeans and a Chicago Bulls jersey.

My little "nighttime" Wyatt collection:

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With loud/blinged out pieces you can either be subtle all over to let that piece be the centre of attention, or blend the bling in with other loud pieces, balancing it out. I feel like Hedi does the latter for his runway outfits he shows.
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JAPEJAPEJAPE, can you share an instance/give an example of when you bought from italist? Thank you!

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Originally Posted by Y3KID View Post

eee! delivery day! smile.gif

My permanent collection duffle coat just arrived (this isn't going to get much wear in Singapore @ 33oC but it'll be nice for travelling)! Picture below with 40mm Wyatt Chelseas. (sorry for the terrible photo as usual)

I managed to find a Gabardine Teddy in 48 for a good price which arrives tomorrow, and think my new black suede Wyatt Chelsea 40's are waiting for me at the office smile.gif

If anyone has any tshirts in an M they want to shift, please let me know smile.gif
Originally Posted by echau View Post

Nice pickup @Y3KID

Wore these last night:

Looking good guys.
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Originally Posted by Prudy View Post

Anyone tried the 'reverse' shearling pea coat in person by chance?  Would love to hear your opinions.

This coat is overpowering when I saw it, but if you are broad, tall and big enough it could work. If you want fur or shearling tho and this doesn't work there are tons of options this season from a lot of brands - selling fast tho. There are also some other SLP ones that might work too. But like i said if you are set in fur/shearling also look at Sacai (the striped ones are everything), Fendi, Gucci (tho it's like $15,000), Dries (great if you're vegan cause it's faux), Cavalli and Misbhv and don't rule out a full-on fur house.
Fur is such an investment you need to try on as many as you can to make sure it works and you slay. If it isn't working immediately once you put it on then it never will.
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Gucci fur or bust.

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