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I think it's safe to say now's the time to stock up on as much '13-'16 items as possible. Everything from the shoes, pants, etc silhouettes made me think of 80's Armani Euro Sleaze. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't see how they will sell any of the permanent collection alongside this stuff. 

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it's just a collection in response to all of the criticisms of hedi: superficially diverse, insider type models, neurotically high-end.

somehow worse than I thought it would be.

no style.
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I really wanted to give vacarello the benefit of the doubt but wtf did we just see.... If the men's collection is anything like that one look from today I'm sure this whole thread will find a diff designer. Time to break the bank on this season (and maybe next if it is similar) before we go to the store and find sheer tops and 80's style dress pants where the do2 used to be rotflmao.gif
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i dont understand the 'find a different designer' talk 
we like Hedi Slimane dont we?


he doesnt work anywhere anymore so...

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I see what you mean youwhat. I suppose there isn't really anywhere else offering this style. Plus Hedi isn't going to be coming back anytime soon based on the way he sued for the enforcement of the noncompete haha... I wonder if when they transition over to Vacarello's stuff if there will be big sales clearing out Hedi era stock. We can only dream :lol:

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you missed this thread a while back - everyone in here and every tea boy at slp stores worldwide knew Hedis every move / his career plans

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Hedi himself posts in this thread. My SA at 57th told me so.
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the shoes with the ysl as the heel. fuck.

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Originally Posted by therattler View Post

the shoes with the ysl as the heel. fuck.

Yikes. I missed those the first time around. And all the "YSL" rhinestones on the models... fuck is right.

And of course the first reviews are positive...
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Any links to photos of the new collection?
Not a big fan of women's fashion but the all the comments left me curious....
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Thank you.

Yeah, not feeling this at all. There were two or three looks that were alright, the rest was completely unwearable and uninspired.
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Boring to me, too, however, I bet it'll sell.
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Originally Posted by b19pen15 View Post


The advertised hem measurement is meant as a reference and it's only directly reflected in a specific size, I believe 32, which is considered the base model, and then the hem size is scaled up or down in accordance with the waist size. There are also variations in the hem measurement depending on the wash and season.



Thank you!

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