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Originally Posted by youwhat View Post

how do you work that out?

you know dollar and pound arent the same 

Lol yes I am quite aware of that.


$650 is 65% of US price ($990)
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so how do you work this "half that" bit out?

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Fully obsessed with the velvet. Dressed down again but have some dressier pieces coming that will pair with my Le Smoking and will dress em up.

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^you've inspired me to pick up those velvets.

this will be my bday present to myself. 


please keep us informed on how they hold up after some wear. 

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Originally Posted by Y3KID View Post

Recent pickups for me have been mainly tshirts, belts and boots. As usual, I'm terrible at taking fit photos, but I got a photo of the Wyatt Chelsea 40's in tan that arrived last week. I'm waiting for the same boots in the black suede now to arrive.



I was surprised how well the 3 passant belt (silver hardware) works with low waisted jeans, I think it looks fantastic and adds a nice break between trousers/top


Currently hunting for the garbadine teddy in size 48, but not too hopeful about finding. Shouldve bought it when I tried in London :(

Im selling a navy garbadine teddy in size 48 in Navy on Vestiaire and a few other nice items Ive hardly worn :)

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Although it is undeniable that skinny jeans symbolizes rock and roll, sometimes having some space between the pants and the shaft of the boot looks cool too
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^those are still skinny jeans though they just have a bigger leg opening

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RIP Thread. 

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Hedi come back pls this is horrible 

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Menswear is going to be awful if today is anything to go by.. They straight up sent a dude wearing a Sheer transparent ruffled pirate dress shirt with some armani pants down the runway. 


Dull, Lifeless, Boring. Not one ounce of attitude and the clothes look like something you'd find at Kohls. 


I'm out, can't even finish watching this. 

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Very safe stuff. Lot's of asymmetric dresses and tops. Boring imo

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This is far worse than I'd hoped.

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Half of that i wouldn't even say is wearable day to day. Where's the i can rock these clothes at any time that SL had nailed.

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Reminds me a little bit of Hedi's SS13 women's collection, except lacking the nuance that made that collection so sexy.

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About as bad as expected, I have to say. Sure, I was coming into it biased, like we all were, but that was really amateurish. I'd have trouble picking anything out of a line-up. In choosing someone so safe, Kering will quickly squander any singularity the brand has accrued over these few short years. While I won't count the brand out after one show, fashion is a fickle climate, and I can't see this presentation engendering much consumer loyalty—at least not on Hedi's scale.
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