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These are tempting...

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Originally Posted by bawlin View Post

These are tempting...

Definitely. I just ordered the black velvets earlier this week. Grab those and this thread will be ALL IN on velvet.
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They're in my cart, but as someone who owns gold, silver/gold woven, and red glitter Wyatts (incoming), I'm not sure how many more pairs of "special occasion" boots I need shog[1].gif
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Does anyone know the sizing on the velvet Devons? Would it be safe to go TTS?

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^ I tried them on today actually and went with my normal size and they fit fine, albeit slightly tighter towards the front of the foot due to the shape of the boot.
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New here, just wanted to post a pic of my newest pick up. Pictures don't do justice as they sparkle like crazy! It was between these or the gold wyatts, but I'll probably cop the gold wyatts in the future if I can get my hands on a pair. If you guys have any doubts on the viper nights, just know they pop much more in person.
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Pics definitely don't do them justice...
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Originally Posted by BestThreshNA View Post

I was in the NYC store today. They had a massive selection of sneakers but only an average selection of boots. Mostly high and cropped jodhpurs. They did have gold wyatts and black chain wyatts. Ended up picking up the nut wyatts. They had a good selection of the new collection in. The velvet items are extremely nice the fabric is very lux look/feel. The SA told me vacarello is only taking over women's and that the Hedi team will continue to design menswear and that it will remain similar to what we are seeing currently. Idk how much truth there is to that so take it fwiw.

I was in the Chicago store yesterday; the SA Sergio there was very helpful and spot on with sizing and tailoring queries. I'd recommend him if you're into blazers or suits.

He mentioned a similar line: Vacarello is doing women's first, the Hedi team will continue on the menswear which he won't change, at least for a while.

Did Hedi produce a lead assistant a la KVA back in the Dior days? I seem to recall someone mentioning a woman's name who was very involved on his menswear, but I'm banking on her name.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Vac does for womenswear. I have far from a critical eye, but I never felt the aesthetic working as much in WW.
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Originally Posted by youwhat View Post


wouldnt it be better to get the spray on fit ones and have them loosen up?


or with your way - get a pair thats already too big - let them become bigger - get them made smaller 


rep sounds like a divvy - should get him in this thread - fit right in :fonz: 

Sorry just saw this. Well, as ive learned the hard way... its fucking hard to make things bigger than smaller. And Reason i was fine is cause a 29 for me was too tight. The fit on the jean is fine, its the waist for some reason its bigger. It's not the fit, but the waist with that jean.. seems like they were just produced that way. I have 20+ slp jeans from 15/16+n ive taken 30 (size 1 down) in all. fw13/14 another story 

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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Call them? Or better yet ask your usual SA to transfer it in for you.

Yeah I'll try calling tomorrow or the next day. My SA in the Chicago store said she couldn't get the pair in the U.K. So I'll have to give it a shot
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Yeah can't transfer in between regions.

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It would be pretty funny if all the SA's discussing the future of the company were just getting their info from this thread. 

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hahah I get the feeling some of them are sometimes. I was told the same thing, that Vaccarello will have little to do with the menswear by two different SAs. I tried to dig a bit, and ask if that info came down from above, but they just shrugged their shoulders and wouldn't say.


Agreed with everyone on those glitter wyatts. In person they are unbelievable, especially the way they start to change to gold under certain light. I'm less into the velvet ones. Though I guess they'd be cool as hell in a smoked out casino in Vegas or something.

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@japejapejape hey thanks. I went tts personally. No, but I may get the patent wyatts as well. I'm still no I love with any devon I've tried.

@bawlin congrats on the vipers..look great. I can't wait to wear em again.
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Originally Posted by therealrattle View Post

I'm like 50 years old and dig the vibe of hot girl stumbling home. The predator in me is coming out when I see this ad. Cant wait to see the the version with a little boy. I'm really 60 years old

Bit retarded are you?
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