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I'm not too keen on the new ad, but at least Vaccarello hasn't moved in an entirely different direction. I thought some of the clothes themselves actually looked really well presented in his Calvin Klein looking adverts (they actually convinced me to buy the black SL01 low tops, and I thought the black suede womenswear Babies boots looked great in the recent email). So far it's been a bit tasteless, but it's early days. 


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Does anyone know if they keep stock of the western and 3 passant belts in the flagship nyc store? Looking for 80cm. If they don't have them on 57th st, are there other stores in nyc which would? Thanks in advance!
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@prismichelix I think it works well there because the shoes pick up the white in the t-shirt (cool Burzum shirt!), plus the shoes are more of a subdued white. Looks good!

@SirGrotius I considered that blazer myself—before picking up the corduroy that you have—and ultimately, for me, the gold buttons kind of ruin it, even in black. It's just too much of a preppy look for me, especially in blue. It doesn't help that that kind of blazer is the go-to for older guys who can't size anything properly, as @therattler mentioned. It's death by association.

I think the ad is an improvement, though given my distaste for the first series, that's hardly winning praise in itself. I did notice that they swapped out the cut-out logo for the standard Hedi-era helvetica logo (though the removed "Paris" from the text), which was smart. The cut-out looked terribled from a design perspective. Really amateurish. I'm guessing the clothing is Vaccarello-designed, right?
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So spot on about the blazers; that's exactly what I see here in Philadelphia. It's a disaster.
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yay leather season is here!


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^^^ sharp outfit
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Originally Posted by OakGhost View Post

Picked up the black velvet wyatts yesterday (second pre order) and love em . I wore them out of the store and not an hour after a guy stopped me with his GF and just blurted out "you look razor sharp and those boots are fucking incredible" made me laugh.the Japanese velvet needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Last awkward pic is one the manager wanted to take to send to clients. I also tried the patent devons whic I'm clearly wearing the wrong jeans with but we're pretty nice. Patent Wyatt coming so I may do those


Any sizing advice on the black velvet wyatts?  If the fits anything like this season's jodh's, I'll probably go down a full size.  If it's closer to Devon sizing, I'll just go down a half size.  Or maybe TTS or something else is the answer lol.

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Leather season with a short sleeve hawaiian shirt?

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It's cold in the morning but hot in the afternoon in Canada =/

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Manager and friend of the San Francisco store pulled some strings and was able to get me the last pair of the Viper night boots in my size and they are totally insane. Very glad I picked them up. I wore my gold wyatts and Jaquard lipsshirt (around the waist because it ended up,being hot as hell) in and wore the vipers out. The fabric really has to be seen in person and hit with light to be appreciated. Not a plug but if anyone want to see them in motion hit my Instagram oak_ghost . I also tried that insane FW woman's leather jacket recommended by Slann and reminded myself how much I need a calf L17 in my life haha.

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So what kind of material is it because it looks amazing!
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Saw them on your IG, insane indeed !

What's your sizing recommendation for the Gold and "Viper Night" ? 


I was looking to get the Gold, but after seeing these "Viper Night" it is changing my mind. The pictures on the website really don't do them justice, they look really good here.

But how do they look at night? I feel like I would wear these mostly going out, but I guess they don't shine as much with no bright lights.


Thanks !

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Originally Posted by thorns View Post

So what kind of material is it because it looks amazing!

Polyester. They won't age well but while they're fresh they're going to look fucking killer. Favourite boots I own by a long shot.
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Oak you're killing it. Great stuff.
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I may have missed this, but has anyone tried D02 jeans from this season? I ordered some faded black ones in my usual size, but they're big as anything in the waste. Not going to lie, kind of enjoy the room, but I was surprised. I may have missed this discussion in the back. The calves and thighs seem about usual to me though.
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