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You mad your mom doesn't allow you to install shelving in your bedroom/her basement?
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For < $150/night AirBnb in LA, I was pretty happy with it. redface.gif
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Cropped jodhpurs look nice in one photo linked on there. Replace the t-shirt with a black crew neck knit or something and it would look perfect:


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I'm weirdly split about wearing all black with the white sneakers, any opinions?
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black cropped jodhpurs are awesome. i wear mine to work every other day, they're the perfect low key boot with tons of attitude still. jeans need to be perfect in that photo or it all falls apart.


tried on the black velvet officer teddy today (not the embroidered one) and man was i surprised at how cool it was. the shape is absolutely perfect. velvet is deep deep black and elevated the not as black tones in my jeans and tee. subtle details on the cuffs and across the back  was super cool too. i'm tempted to get it. it has the vibe of the musical note velvet teddy, but it is way more wearable. and it feels like the photos of hedi wearing his black musical note, without the stupid crystals.  


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@prismichelix  i don't like to do it myself. but its a pretty standard move, looks cool there. although i don't know that burzum would be cool with it.

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which velvet teddy?


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Probably this one

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I have a couple SLP blazers (black corduroy with leather elbow patches and black with the linen "pique" from this season) and the fit is spot on; i get a lot of use out of them.

Does anyone have experience with the brass button versions in black or navy? I've always eschewed them based on a guttural reaction to the buttons, but maybe I should give them a chance.
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added the photo sorry dudes.


@SirGrotius i've tried on the black one with brass buttons a million times in store, whenever i want to see how something will look with a blazer on top. fit is identical to my plain gabardine one. i don't like the brass myself, it reminds me too much of my uncle john who has never bought an article of clothing that fits, especially in blue. that said, doing it in black would be a cool way to do that sort of preppy style.


also, I'm surprised no one has any opinions on the new ad.

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Ha, I think someone earlier said they were bailing because of it (re: the ad). It struck me as dirty but at least some thought went into it, as opposed to the half-naked models on top of each other.
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yeah he edited and added a pic

its just that its green velvet everywhere bar ysl website 

and we know ysl doesnt always use the correct images

also on ysl it looked like body wasnt velvet (just maybe the trim)

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i sort of dig the vibe of the ad. hot girl in paris stumbling home in the morning. and the one with the branding across it looks pretty cool, as they've taken away the 'paris'. no more rock and roll, just rich party girl. again, fine by me. you're right though, it's a huge step up from the banal first attempt. i never want to see a men's ad however.

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Rich Party Girl pretty much accurately describes the new direction.


Some of the PR girls in NY I know have mentioned that Vaccarello has been told to stay away from the Mens collection and to only focus on women which goes along with a few others I know that assisted Hedi in LA and have been offered positions in Paris to only work on mens. 


Some of the same girls have also been with SL since the inception and have said that the upcoming womens line is actually pretty phenomenal and only elevates what Hedi has done. I wouldn't hold my breath, but at the end of the day, the girls are the ones buying the clothes. 

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Its been said that SS17 isn't as bad as people think it will be. And actually to look for it. Some people have said they are actually waiting for it, more so than the fw16. But hey idk thats just word from few reps that saw the new stuff in gallery book. Im sure there is few things I will get. But nothing near as exciting as Hedi Era,  I assume  

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