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its fake

not looked at other listings and not saying why but 100% fake

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Looks like there is a slim shaft version of the black harness suede on farfetch. Anyone seen these yet as far as the quality of the suede goes? I might give these a shot as the harness might make them a bit nicer on feet for me.
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fake for all the same reasons everybody else mentioned...all the denim the guy/girl is selling is fake...horrible fakes to say the least...just look at the tags...even the quality of the denim is sh*t, not even close to looking legit either to the "trained" eye :)

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one true slann!! smile.gifsmile.gif
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any leather version of this or similar?


I'm after the devon shape in derby but i don't want patent cause it looks ugly after like 3 wears

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^ None that I've seen at least. I also really want a pair in plain calf, but they weren't ordered for YSL stores in Europe, and I haven't seen any on the retailers that I check (LNCC, Porter, Matches, Ssense, Harrods, Selfridges, End). The decision to buy the patent and no other version just makes no sense to me at all. I'd almost guarantee they aren't selling well, which then means the thinking will be that Derby shoes don't sell well, and we'll continue seeing an extremely limited selection available. I need another pair of the classic 2 hole Derby too, but they haven't been back for years (despite selling pretty steadily). 

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Yeah, I'm really surprised not to have seen them in plain calf. I actually had my eye out for them. Some of the buys this season have been a bit perplexing, I have to say. I regret not grabbing the two-hole derby when I was debating them a few seasons back. They're so classic. Weren't they in the permanent collection for a while?
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Yeah, but that doesn't really mean much. Permanent collection can mean anything they don't want to reduce the price on. When I first heard about the permanent collection, I thought it was a great idea, and thought it would mean that basic items would always be available. However, it kind of turned out to be an excuse not to reduce anything that is selling kind of okay at the end of the season, even if it will never be re-stocked again, and an excuse to reissue any item, no matter how seasonal, that they think they may be able to sell more of while the hype is there. 

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Yeah, was gonna say it's worthless (the term).
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Anyone here would be able to comment on the sizing of a velour devon boot as compared to wyatt 30s zipped boot in leather? I'm an 8 in the wyatt 30s and given how the devons look more narrow down the front am wondering if there's a need to size up. Thanks in advance guys.
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Anyone out there have the fw16 distressed L01?
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@kieran84 Yeah, that actually makes sense. Somehow that never occurred to me, but it helps explain a lot.

@jaco87 I think @neonrider has it, or at least tried it on, if I remember correctly.
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Originally Posted by romatrix0902 View Post

hi. could you please tell me if this is original. im new to this forum

Not even remotely authentic
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Made the trip to the SF store. They didn't have the velour in my size but can order it. I see the patent leather on the other boots and I think those are out for me. Hard to wear those casually.

I like the velour but torn between the basic black suede harness. The harness makes them less hoove like to me and maybe they are better suited for casual wear. Debating buying both but I know they won't get wear to justify paying that much.
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