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This also came in from the online store yesterday. I took a chance on it because it's more versatile than the palladium jackets in the show. I absolutely love it though, and probably won't buy the musical notes one anymore. This one is way cooler. And cheaper.

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ahhh that's amazing, score
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Finally got a three passant belt and also pre ordered the black velvet wyatts yesterday which I am very excited about. I also was able to see/try the devons for the first time and reall liked em. Though I'd throw up a few recent pics. The last isn't a flannel but almost has the weight of a light jacket..all the FW shirts I tried were cut considerably more skinny that previous season which I personally really like.

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Velvet wyatts?

Edit: you mean the velour wyatts? I didn't even notice those on the website. Gonna order them.

Double edit: do they come with a 40mm heel or just the 30mm shown on the website?
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@OakGhost nice pickup!

Decided to wear the denim trucker today:

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Good call on those velvet wyatts! They look so beautiful. Side zip elegance + velvet
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Wow denim jacket, grey t-shirt, black skinny jeans looks good! Just missing sl01h and chain belt to match ss13 campaign photo
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Mr Porter just put up a ton of stuff, including a killer shearling coat and the gold Devens.
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Originally Posted by Rick Rossi View Post

Bump.  Someone help me out please.

hi mate....here are my tags from my 2013 raws, mine are FW 2013 and i think urs are 2013 SS as the date next to the UP is 2012 where mine is 2013

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^ Those are SS 13 not AW 13 (2013 1 means SS 13). Those ones (315401 YU059 4067 / 1000) are the ones that the online store and the YSL stores here in Europe had for SS 13. I've personally never seen the 5% stretch ones before so have no information on those. 

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What jeans are these?


These jeans fit you perfectly. Couldn't be better.
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Therattler that jacket looks really nice.


Oakghost I'm liking the look of those Devons in black suede a lot.


Does anybody know if the black suede Devons been bought in the side zip version anywhere? I think I'm almost definitely going to get some of the black suede as I think it's about time I branched out from smooth black calf, but would prefer the side zip if possible as I already have the Devon Chelsea in black calf. I'll take the Chelsea if I have to though. 


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