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Just got around to trying the patent Deven Derby shoes - exquisite! They probably aren't to everybody's tastes, but the shape is perfection, and the patent is super sleek. Tried them with my black AW 15 mid waist jeans, and the AW 16 black merino crew neck - looked really sleek and dressy. Also plan to wear them with the same jeans and a white Yves collar shirt and black 69 cm notch lapel two button blazer / classic black caban. I also think my red and black sweater from AW 15 will be nice with them, and possibly my navy and ivory Breton cashmere knit. They look super shiny in day light though, but are pretty much only something I'd wear at night. Very happy. If they turn up anywhere in plain calf as well then I'll be buying them for sure as the shape is fantastic - pretty much like the original 2 hole Blake Derby from SS 13, but pointed - beautiful.


Can't wait for the Deven Chelsea to arrive now too. And also considering a second Deven boot of some kind - maybe patent, and maybe python. I'd prefer the Lizard side zips from the runway as they look a little dressier than python somehow, but nowhere seems to have bought them.

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Originally Posted by needhelp123 View Post

Out of curiosity, what's the point of that?

I wanted to see how his hemmed jeans looked like, how they fit, how much stacking there was and so forth.
I'm not asking for nudes here, calm down guy.
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Anyone have fitpics with the 3passant belt?

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Cloonz just posted a deadly fit pic with that kind of belt.
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Originally Posted by jacobbn98 View Post

Anyone have fitpics with the 3passant belt?

3 passant belt, D02 and suede leopard print santiag boots

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Already got this one in my folder dude! So lit :)

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Originally Posted by youwhat View Post

they hemmed the jeans that way on the runway for ss16
was surprised

do you have a pic of them inside out?

or have they literally stitched it on top?

thats the problem with hemming jeans usually - the new hem looks like shit

It's not stitched on top, it's 'wrapped around' and then stitched. This tailor is the best in Dubai and really knows how to keep his clients happy. He even uses the original thread to sew the hem on. See pic below.

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Volchok, when you wear skinny jeans for a few weeks they get considerably shorter due to the creasing behind the knee (as anyone that has ever hemmed jeans with no break when new, only to have them nearly an inch above the shoe a couple of weeks later knows), they also usually lose close to an inch from washing on a normal 30-40 degree wash and hang dry if they are raw. You may not need nearly the amount of adjustment that you think. I personally wait until I've broken in all clothes before having alterations made as even blazers and coats will lift a little in the sleeves with wear, and shirts shrink slightly from washing. 

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I don't hem my jeans. Some may think the stacking is excessive, but it's never bothered me.

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ignore this post.
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just cut your jeans if you're that concerned, there's a reason they're cut to fit at the runway. hemming will almost always make them look worse.

hey keiran was that you at bond st trying blazers today?
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if he's wrapping it around then yeah he's stitching on top (on the outside) (you can see a lip on the first pic also so i thought he was - just wanted to see exactly how he was doing but that other pic doesnt help)

i just thought some cut and stitched back together (example below - big pic so can look closely)


how exacty is he re using the original thread?
i know its possible he could use a bit (but thats ALOT of hassle) but he's got to cut it somewhere then thread his machine up - would be lucky to get one side done

clients happy is alright if they dont know what they're on about - most dont "thats management speak, david"

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Neonrider, no it wasn't me. Unfortunately, I don't have time to get down to London for a few weeks, and I've just yesterday had an email letting me know that the faux fur collar black overcoat has arrived that I really want to try. I'm going to see if I can free a day up somewhere. Everything is arriving so quickly this season. Last winter was pretty much the opposite.

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Saint Laurent caught on the Bottega and Common Projects wave. lol



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