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Thanks guys, that pic of me is with the 85 chelseas btw. Pants are 17 cm and if they were any skinnier they wouldn't be able to fit over the buckle on my jodhpurs. I think the reason they look off with the jodhpurs is that the leg opening hugs the boot to where it is hard to differentiate where the pants stop and boots end making me look shorter. Edit: Actually tightening them all the way gives some space between the pants and boots now they look much better - very pleased.

The fit on these pants below is perfect to me - I'm gonna see how my wyatts look with dress pants.

@Prudy I tried 4 cm ties but I feel they are too skinny on me and look odd. My tie is 6 cm but I want to try some more between 4-6 cm.
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I agree, not something I'd wear myself, but It's a cool use of that graphic. Really, I just wanna see more palladium stuff now, it's such a great collection.
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Hi guys.Can anyone here help me.What percentage of custom/duty do we pay to import clothing items to the NY, USA from Europe.Any info. will be greatly appreciated.
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Varies but just assume something along the lines of 15-20%

Edit: Customs applies on amounts about $800
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I'm a bit disappointed with this collection. Blood luster leather jacket looks amazing tho and i'll cop the black suede wyatts.


Just hope for a secret re-release of the chain wyatts !

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i don't have a problem with the blood luster leather. i won't buy it, but I'm even surprised they didn't do it earlier. kieran is right though, there will be some decent pieces in there. and if anything, this is all good because it extends the window for us to get our hands on PC stuff, or footwear we don't already have. so i can probably spend more on the palladium stuff in the next months, and then worry about PC later. that might mean the officer teddy and the musical note jacket ... 


looking back, the palladium is my favourite collection overall. then AW13 (i know this is heresy). I'm glad i didn't get much from the rockabilly and glam collections, i don't think they will age well. SS15 was awesome, but a bit costumey. hedi did a great job consolidating all of his work, from dior and SL, into the palladium collection while still referencing r'n'r in a less direct way this time. this nicely ties up his work, and allows him to exit gracefully, or start somewhere new with a blank slate.


saw the lame striped blazer at bond street today. it was awesome. they also have some of the waistcoats. it was a textured black wool, i was hoping it would be just a plain wool one, so that i could easily wear it with my blazers. i have already asked kieran about this, but does anyone have any opinion on wearing the new pin striped blazer with black jeans? i don't know if it's do able. but i really want to add to my blazer collection for work, and i dig the stripes and peak lapel combo. 


i want this fur coat but i don't know if it's going to make it to the uk stores. this is my favourite palladium look, and will probably get the velvet shirt.


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Green teddy is in stores btw. Slightly different color than AW13, but I know some people have been trying to flip the old ones for crazy money.
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Interesting, my first impression is that this Palladium collection is the the most ephemeral and won't last much past the hype.  Overall, it strikes me as having a 70s dandy gangster vibe that works better for the women's wear than the men's.  I also feel like the musical references aren't incorporated as well as past collections, they are more costume-like to my eyes.


I thought SS15 and FW15/16 were just about the sweet spot overall, I've been wearing that stuff daily along with PC stuff and the Santiags are the best boots they produced, IMO.

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Not too excited by anything I've seen, but I'll still finish up my footwear collection, grab some denim, and maybe a few shirts and call it.

In regards to footwear, does anyone have any strong opinions on black calf Chelseas vs black suede? I think the suede ones go better with lightwash (your pics look great, @echau), but a pair of classic black calf Chelseas seems like a safe pair to have in the rotation. I'll eventually get both, but I'd like to get one or the other for now. Opinions? I could always get calf Chelseas from a different brand (Carmina, maybe)
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A few weeks ago someone posted a playlist to all the runway songs thru all the seasons. & I'm frustrated I can't find it....


If someone has this list please share or DM.

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my comments are about the shows in general, rather than individual pieces. no doubt santiags are awesome, as were all the pieces that you posted on here back in the day @Prudy. what's interesting about the palladium is the way you can see hedi thinking about all of his work and putting it together in a coherent way i think. surf sound is underrated as well. it's pretty funny, and or badass, that hedi sent ripped flannels and distressed vans down a ysl runway. people think vetements is ironically interesting or something for the stupid dhl tees and long sleeves, but surf sound pushes the envelope way more given the context of a storied french house. 


i have a strong opinion on calf chelseas. they are the best by far. and go with everything. perfect for adding some attitude to any outfit, as well as toning things down (like with a biker, instead of wyatts) but still looking fresh as hell. we've talk about it a million times though.


a definitive list of songs, as well as featured artists would be killer.

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Originally Posted by DHD28 View Post

A few weeks ago someone posted a playlist to all the runway songs thru all the seasons. & I'm frustrated I can't find it....


If someone has this list please share or DM.

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@therattler I see no problem wearing a pinstripe blazer with black jeans, so much so that I'm now wondering whether I should have an issue with it. Or do you mean that particular blazer? Either way, I think it will work well.  Admittedly the longer silhouettes on the 70s blazers seem harder to incorporate into a casual wardrobe, though I wouldn't say grievously so.


@niyengar  calf chelseas are essential. If you don't have a pair, you need some in your wardrobe. They're a staple for a reason: they work with everything.

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Bless you.

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