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what do you guys think about this flannel from ss16?



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Originally Posted by Y3KID View Post

Surprised these havent been posted yet... photos from inside the SS17 showroom were posted to a FB group









For clothes, no photos but mainly 'carry over' or slightly tweaked designs.



so for shoes.. basically all the popular styles in popular colorways....... black calf leather/black suede/cigar suede/nut suede/grey suede


and oh they have gold wyatt chelsea now.... seems like they really want to keep that  revenue from dropping after hedi left


good luck to wackarello when he releases his fw17 collection 

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I'm regretting not getting more shirts from ss16 - the fall stuff is looking like pieces I have or just wouldn't wear.

For everything besides tops though I'm at the point where I feel satisfied with what I have will last me a while.
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Treat yourselves guys!
And only for $200k
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Double buckle jodhpur boots front row look interesting. Something a little like the classic women's jodhpurs which I always liked:


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Happy Friday!

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Originally Posted by echau View Post

Happy Friday!

God I love this denim! They look so good. Need a pair in my life
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I don't know about these new videos on the YSL website. It feels out of place. It's like when you unexpectedly get a new manager at work and you find out the old manager you liked is gone, it's still the same place but now it feels strange and disconnected.
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Looking at the showroom pictures again, the front row jodhpurs definitely look to be a menswear version of the classic womenswear jodhpurs which first appeared for SS 13. I'm very excited for those as I've always loved them. It's hard to tell much from the photos, but I think it looks like the Hedi last unfortunately (would have preferred something sleeker like the Blake 30 last or the Seville last, etc.). I'll still almost definitely take a pair though. 


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I have a feeling I'm going to be spending an outrageous amount on footwear this season
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I am a size 38 in shirts but found my holy grail SLP shirt on sale but size 39. Is there a big difference? Will I look ridiculous with it or can I pull it off?
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Hey, All -


Hope everyone is well.  Taking a look at the website, only one pre-order for me this time with the Officer Jacket but I'm curious if anyone has seen any of the items in person, yet?  Anything of note?  Curious about the boots.  On the website, at least, there's too much viscose for my taste...



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Are the tobacco suede chelseas back for SS17?

Also, can anyone comment on SL's raw denim fit after a few washes?
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Anyone know if I should get the 3 passant belt in 75 or 80 if my true waist is about 27-27.5?


I have belts in 80 and to make tight I have to be using the last hole and it looks fine, but i'm not sure about the 3 passant belt will be the same?

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@valedictorian I got a polka dot shirt on sale in a size up, it did end up being too big for my tastes, but I just got the sleeves and bottom hem shortened and now it fits as I wanted.
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