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how do the oversized aw13/15 flannels fit? do people typically go TTS or size down 1?


what about newer season flannels? do you guys ever size down 1?



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Thanks for your 2 cents @haydrak

Guys, on a different note: I'm selling some SLP stuff for 2 reasons: to narrow down stuff I don't wear and to buy stuff I'm most likely going to wear.

Apologies if this is the wrong thread for this.

Here are the stuff (note that I'm not making any profits, just recuperating my costs - proof is in the invoices):

(a) SLP/037 low tops in size 41 for $575 (never worn)
(b) SLP skate shoes black in size 41 for $285 (never worn)
(c) SLP leather panelled sweater in size M (never worn and tags still attached) for $680
(d) SLP zip sweater in size M (worn exactly twice but in immaculate condition + still smells new) for $500

In my experience, shipping is about $100 from Dubai to anywhere but I'm willing to absorb half of it myself.

Pics below (the sweaters are stock pics but of course I can send millions of pics once interested).

I'm also selling a brand new limited edition Louis Vuitton card holder and a brand new Hermès swim shorts but I feel this is definitely not the right platform for those. Let me know if interested anyway.

Prices slightly negotiable in PM. All stuff are 1000% authentic and you will get 3x your money back if not.
I only accept PayPal payments.

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You can find those sweaters for $300 all day long...
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Originally Posted by bawlin View Post

You can find those sweaters for $300 all day long...

In that size? Then I'm screwed for those smile.gif
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Originally Posted by gustavobradley View Post

Should put to rest any and all Chanel rumours. I have a really hard time believing this plays out in Hedi's favours, unless the clause was altered without his knowledge or input. Either way, Kering will be smart to settle out of court.


Whatever happens this is pretty interesting. either kering was not happy about the split and the subsequent rumours, and said 'fine go and work for whoever you want.' or, hedi had a deal with someone else that fell through.


this does explain the previous lawyers letter which stated emphatically that hedi was not aiming to start his own label. this whole thing makes me think that kering was not happy about hedi leaving.


also, a non-compete clause will only be valid for a year or (maximum) two. so this doesn't dispel any rumours, it just pushes them back a bit.

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Yeah, I always assumed Hedi would be taking some time off prior to joining another house, regardless of any offers. I don't think this changes anything. If you believe the Chanel rumors, either he'll be taking over for Karl, who doesn't seem to be stepping down for some time, or he'll be heading up a menswear expansion, which would likely take a period of time to implement from a corporate standpoint. Either way, a one or two year hiatus wouldn't preclude his joining that label.

I've always thought the biggest obstacle for Hedi's continued work in fashion was Hedi himself, and where his interests happen to lie at the time.
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Originally Posted by ohyehhh View Post

One of my fave images from that campaign - that vacant stare, that sumi ink jacket, that scarf tossed around his neck, still looks badass with a hubba bubba in his mouth fgs icon_gu_b_slayer%5B1%5D.gifnod%5B1%5D.gif  

You have made me nostalgic by mentioning "hubba bubba". Those were the days smile.gif
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Surprised these havent been posted yet... photos from inside the SS17 showroom were posted to a FB group









For clothes, no photos but mainly 'carry over' or slightly tweaked designs.

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there's also another new short video on the opening page. just two bland dudes wearing black jeans and a pair of leather sneakers.

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Originally Posted by valedictorian View Post

Here are the stuff (note that I'm not making any profits, just recuperating my costs - proof is in the invoices):


All of this is crazy overpriced.

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i like when people post "just want what i paid" yeah no shit

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Can't see from the photos cause it's small but is that black suede wyatt harness?? Been waiting since fw13

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Guys, I have no clue what the resale value is of all of these. I just felt like if I can't recuperate what I paid for, I'll keep them (or at most take on a small loss). I don't dislike these items, it's just that I have too much stuff which I don't use. Also, I think because I live in Dubai, I'm paying a mark-up on European brands. SLP is typically 15-25% more expensive here. But the same goes for the US and the UK, although the mark-up might be a bit lower.


Well, at least I gave it a shot. Just ignore the post above.

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The new YSL videos remind me what Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno character would do in B&W.
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^ Hah


There's an incredible amount of disconnect looking at the official website with the new campaign above the FW15 items for sale. It shouldn't confound me as much but it just does not work or fit. It's like i'm looking at a banner for a YSLxHM collab or diffusion brand followed by the runway items.

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