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Originally Posted by niyengar View Post

Shoes or jeans? Both look great!

Thanks! I was talking specifically about the jeans. Light wash is perfect for the warmer months.

Yes, those are both D02.
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That's what I figured given the weather. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect lightwash.
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I was going to buy the black moccasin loafers, but they sold out in 43 on the YSL site.
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Anyone seen the gold wyatts on sale? Willing to make your time worth it.
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How do SLP knits typically fit? I know for jackets and such sizing down is usually the best but is it the same for knits and normal shirts?

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I bought the SS16 issue of Document Journal today, featuring Hedi on the cover. The magazine was sealed which piqued my interest, despite a hefty price tag. Regrettably, it only features the one photograph of him—a self-portrait—plus a short interview regarding his photography. It's worth noting that the article makes no mention of Saint Laurent, only obliquely mentioning his career in fashion. While fashion credits are absent, he's wearing a Lee denim jacket.


Nothing groundbreaking. He does mention wanting to do more stuff in New York.


Here's the magazine:


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thanks for this man. I tried to pick it up in London but wasn't able to and it was sold out online instantly. would've been nice if there was more content.

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Rattler, I have a copy for sale with the Hedi Cover if you're interested. 


I was a bit disappointed in the article.. 1 Shot and not even a proper interview, just blurbs and a regurgitated analysis of his photography career. I believe portions of the interview also took place sometime late last year. Good timing for Document Journal as it only comes out twice a year, they must have felt like they were sitting on gold when they heard about Hedi's departure, but thats hype for you. Fortunately the rest of the magazine is very good. 

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@therattler Yeah, I was also hoping there would be a bigger feature. I figured since it made the cover, there would be a longer interview, maybe like the one he did for Yahoo last year. Actually, that was my feeling with his V cover a few months back as well. But as @scanner says, there's some other good stuff in there too.


Between this and V, I'm starting to think Hedi doesn't like publications listing his wardrobe. Most of it seems vintage anyway, but they usually list those too.


Here are some closer scans of the article, if the first picture isn't very legible.


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can anyone recommend sizing on the SS16 SL/37 sneakers?
i have a pretty narrow foot.
my SS16 black leather wyatt harness are 42.5 but i probably could have gone 43.
10.5 in Vans. 10 in Converse. 11 in Nike Flyknit racer.

thanks in advance
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how do i access the sale on the site? just add the promo code at checkout?
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There's a private sale link.
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Originally Posted by traCk View Post

how do i access the sale on the site? just add the promo code at checkout?

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Anyone have any experiences with SLP white denim?




Also just coppped the baby cat scarf and I'm pretty excited. Bit of a shame that I'll only be able to wear it at night until the weather cools down in the fall.

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