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Originally Posted by therattler View Post

white jeans were £385 i think

thanks.  if they pop up online ill get a pair from them.

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Originally Posted by kieran84 View Post

Is that the navy / red striped sweater therattler? If so it's an SS 14 re-release anyway. Both Prudy and I have the same one in black and ivory (I have two actually), and it fits amazingly and is super comfortable (and a very reasonable price). 

Chanel rumours are good. Part of me doubts it will be that unreasonably priced as I'd imagine they will have taken notice of the success Hedi has had with menswear at DH and Saint Laurent and want a piece of that action.

I don't see Chanel lowering their prices to appeal to a greater audience. Exclusivity is kind of their thing. The other issue that comes with that position is product availability, namely stock and sales channels. I believe right now you can only purchase Chanel RTW from their flagship stores, and I think they limit their production to increase demand. RTW makes up a much smaller percentage of their sales than accessories (bags, etc.) and haute couture do, and as such, it's more about prestige than a traditional sales-based model. There's always the chance that their menswear will adopt a different strategy, but it would surprise me.

Originally Posted by Jbidwal View Post

thanks.  if they pop up online ill get a pair from them.

There was a pair of raw white denim issued for SS16, in case you didn't catch it. They weren't distressed though. Mr Porter still has them in every size. I think they go for €450.
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kieran that was the sweater. if it weren't blue and red i would probably think about it because the material was awesome. 


i hear you guys about prefall being a thing in the industry nowadays. but it still feels lazy and out of sync with the way the brand had been managed up until hedi leaving. obviously it was planned in advance, but that most of the stuff is reissues and large sizes of womens collections where all of the know-how is already in place makes me think hedi just signed the papers to appease whoever wanted it.


i hear a lot about this chanel being extremely expensive. but womens stuff is always more expensive - even at ysl. how much more could it really be?


@Jbidwal man i can grab a pair for you if you want em.

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Chanel does do menswear and most pieces are limited to about 50 per run worldwide vs YSL's 300 - 600 per boutique plus whatever shops end up picking up. I still don't see Hedi going to Chanel yet, but if he were to do it, I can see him focusing on Runway / HC or limited pieces as it will allow him to free up time doing whatever it is he wants to do. Hedi has also said countless times that he will only ever work in luxury and for him the more exclusive and limited, the better. This is partly why he has no desire to set up his own brand and one of the reasons it was easy for him to leave YSL.


To be honest, I almost imagine he would prefer to only do exclusive runway presentations and have everyone else figure out how to replicate those looks themselves. 

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i hate when the cold chain on my $500 garment slaps on to the back of my neck in the morning, why must life be so hard

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Those Black suede boots getting a lot of use. Those are sharp man. Especially
The suede SLP uses. It's such a deep black.
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if anyone here has the rounded square sunglasses PM me i have a few questions thank you!

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I'm not so sure Hedi cares for exclusivity, but more doesn't wish to compromise on quality. 


Isolar, would that even be a profitable business model? Are prices that much more that selling a limited number through a small selection of stores would even cover Slimane's salary and the costs involved with launching a new menswear line? The brand may be somewhat about exclusivity, but that would just seem stupid.


For me I'm quite happy to pay up to double (I tend to buy two of most items I like anyway so could just stop doing that), but anything more and it would start getting ridiculous - cutting would have to be exceptional with no compromises like we've been seeing post AW 13 to fit more customers or I'd personally just go elsewhere. 

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There's the chance that menswear would have an expanded profile, probably as its own sub-label (like Dior Homme). I'm pretty sure the prices would correspond to Chanel's status though. They definitely have the means to cover his salary, regardless of how they choose to utilize him—especially as he's seemingly being primed to take over for Karl, once he retires. While I haven't studied their pricing too much, double would seem about right, though womenswear is always more expensive than menswear. The upside is that Chanel, like Dior, is renowned for quality and craftsmanship, at least from what I've heard. I definitely think quality would be a step up from YSL, and maybe even Dior. I don't imagine Hedi would need to make very many compromises there.
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^exactly correct, and also, if you ask many owners of Chanel products, their fans are much more loyal and rabid than YSL or even anyone on this forum can imagine. Chanel has never been very accessible (aside from Beauty Products to a certain extent). They have managed to satisfy loyal fans similar to Hermes due to the limited availability and collector-like following and quality / craft / cataloging that only a house like Hermes has been able to cater to (while selling their gaudy belts and iPhone cases to the masses). The only way I see Hedi being at Chanel with the kind of quality and creative control that he wants, is to treat the main Chanel label for HC & RTW with the kind of constructive critics that he would feel comfortable working with and not touch any of the beauty products and create an entirely new sub label, like Chanel H2 or Chanel Jeune to let his creative juices flow. 

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hedi cares about photography
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As much of a Hedi fan i am.


I always think its better getting out too early rather than too late. We will always be left wanting more and remembering his collections instead of him regurgitating old clothes and us be left remembering his weaker seasons that may follow.


Not too dis-similar to people such a Kurt Cobain, always remembering him in his prime instead of I'm sure how he would be now at age 40+. Or a movie that we beg for a sequel and it then disappoints as it doesn't live up to the original.

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Originally Posted by echau View Post

info on denim? D10 i guess? can i get the exact style code? thanks
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Originally Posted by eugen eugen View Post

info on denim? D10 i guess? can i get the exact style code? thanks

They're the single knee rips from this season, D02.
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