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Sounds like a scam.
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Someone posted this pic in one of the forums. It is hilarious, so I couldn't resist sharing this Vaccarello's iteration of the L01, with their permission smile.gif

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Originally Posted by LA4Lyfe View Post



Yeah its real but states its size 50 and shows pictures of size 48. If you're willing to pay what thats up for i'd sell you mine for less lol...

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Got the call today that my new wyatts had arrived and popped into SF to get em. Fit and finish is notable better than my older suede wyatts. I threw on my five zips and ran out the door which I tailored to be lucacrisly skinny and you can not see or feel the slimmer shaft underneath. Was also feeling the raw hem western but am doing an L01 soon and need to save!

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Both look dope. Wish I had seen that raw hem. Would have bought that
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So glad they've fixed the suede on the Wyatts.  Nice pictures as always, OakGhost.

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@OakGhost boots look great, man! Mine are on the way too. Can't wait. Would love to see a pic with the L01 if you took any.

Silver boots look awesome, @Nimzerz

Got to thinking yesterday what I'm going to do once Hedi leaves (and presumably takes a few years off). There's really no other luxury brand that interests me much these days. Guess I'll stick to the resale market (unless prices skyrocket), and just enjoy the stuff I have. Might be able to save some money at last.

Any info about the supposed cruise collection that was mentioned a few pages back? Has anyone seen it?
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Those harness boots look good. I'm actually considering a pair of suede myself now. Also going to grab the black and ivory breton as I love the navy and can't really go wrong.


I also bought the Acne thin jeans and thought I'd share my experiences here. I bought both the stay black and the raw indigo. They are extremely similar to the AW 13 raw black and indigo D02s in fit. I bought 29s, and also have a brand new pair of each of the SLP AW 13 ones. I measured them on top of each other, and the leg is almost exactly the same, except the Acnes taper a little more towards the bottom to 15 cm as opposed to 15.5 cm on the SLP. The waist and hip area is also very similar in the black, with the Acnes having a very slightly lower front rise, and a very slightly higher back rise. The indigo however has an even lower front rise, and an even higher back rise which is a bit weird, but they still look fine, although to be honest I would prefer more of a mid rise like the AW 15 ones. 


On quality and details, of course I prefer SLP, however the Acne seem to be well made, of nice denim, and have nice, very minimal details (I really couldn't bring myself to wear rag and bone, april 77, cheap monday, etc. because of the tags and details). One drawback is that the black is less rigid and denimy than the SLP, as the Acne are some kind of a blend. I am very satisfied with them, and will be buying more to hem at different lengths for different boots. These are definitely the best fitting jeans I've tried since the AW 13 SLPs, and I'd recommend anybody that likes the fit of the 13 ones to grab a pair (price is very reasonable too at exactly half).


In addition to the jeans, also bought the Acne black fine merino sweater called the clissold. I thought it looked to be very similar to the Saint Laurent extra fine merino crew necks from AW 13 which I love, but unfortunately haven't been available since (other than to staff who can get them at will for uniform). Unfortunately the fit is atrocious. Very narrow shoulders, and a ridiculously baggy body and arms. Completely unflattering. I don't think I'll bother looking at any of their clothing again based on this.

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@kpmurphy@kieran84 thanks guys. They reall are much nicer and higher quality than my other suede one. The slim shaft for sure wolf me however they slimmed the boot but did not scale the harness which is pretty loose..noticeable compared to my other suede and black. Doesn't bother me but just a heads up.

@Isolar I don't have the 01 quite yet.... Likely my next purchase with Heidi's departure. I did try a 46 (I'm a 44) over that western and it looked really nice but clearly not the right fit.

@Jbidwal I had had high hopes for the destroyed blue western but the wash and distressing looks cheap to me in person. This raw hem one is super nice in person and the fit is great. I would have bought but need to save my pennies for an L01 haha.

@Nimzerz looks so good man. That whole look is killer!
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@OakGhost are you going tts on the L01? How's the fit? I've heard that it's considerably slimmer in the shoulders than the L17.
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For the L01 I would highly recommend only buying the ss13 version... cut of the jacket is completely different from later seasons and leather is higher quality.


You can see both here (ss13 in front, fw13-onwards in back, these are both size 44), notice body/lapels/neck opening is different


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New here, but Hedi fan for over a decade, my latest purchase:


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Originally Posted by theblinding View Post

New here, but Hedi fan for over a decade, my latest purchase:

Really like the laces. Nice change from the typical black or camo I see.
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@OakGhost I would suggest getting the distressed L01 from this season rather than a regular L01. The distressed L01 is the exact same price, but is calf leather instead of lamb leather so it is more durable. That lamb skin is nice, but it is so fragile! I also prefer the distressed version.

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