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I have nothing left to live for.

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Bye guys, i can't do this anymore. 


Lol few people here that just started out on SLP by Hedi :(

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Originally Posted by needhelp123 View Post


Lol few people here that just started out on SLP ss16 / when justin bieber or kanye west started wearing by Hedi :(



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Unfortunate news. Hopefully the Chanel rumor is true (scared about pricing though). I've been a fan of Hedi since Dior days (my main winter coat since his departure has been a herringbone boucle overcoat coat from his last Dior Homme show) and will continue to follow him wherever he designs; his work has is just about everything I look for in design
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Really hope he'll make it at Chanel for the menswear

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If he goes to Chanel, I guess I would just admire his new work from the distance, since Chanel pricing is so damn high

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Of course I'll follow Hedi wherever he goes next. However I'm more concerned he'll be taking another five years off from fashion like he did after leaving Dior Homme.

If he is indeed going to Chanel, the way I see it, this could go one of two ways, or some variation of either scenario:

1. Hedi begins work immediately, expanding the brand's menswear options, and possibly taking over womens RTW, while Karl continues to do couture.

2. Hedi is named Karl's successor at Chanel, and basically drops out of fashion for a while until Karl calls it quits.

I remember Karl said his contract at Chanel was for life, and I don't see him retiring anytime soon. But I could see Chanel wanting to get into menswear, which has seen huge growth in the last few years. I also think Karl is the only other designer Hedi would be comfortable ceding some creative control to, as long as he has complete control over his own collections (ie. menswear).
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some of the news articles suggest that he left because kering wanted to take away some creative control in order to, get this, grow the business. this is everything that's wrong with the world. there's also a Citibank report which claims that saint Laurent won't be impacted, and could continue to grow--ha.


i look forward to whatever hedi does next. chanel would be cool, if only because of the controversy it will bring. if he does nothing, i think ill be equally happy. our stuff will elevated to an even higher level of cool or prestige. i am going to go on a tear and buy all that my bank account can handle over the next few months to make sure i have all i want/doubles of certain key pieces.


this affected superiority, re: quality decline ("no better than a thrift piece") and nostalgia for previous seasons is also getting tiresome. ysl was less than irrelevant before hedi came back. lets not begin this i liked it since aw13, lol at people who didn't like it before hedi. its boring.

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@Isolar as someone who has experience with commercial contracts whatever, i refuse to believe that he doesn't have a gardening clause, which bars him from working for a competitor for a number of years. this is the overwhelmingly likely scenario.


so buy another pair of Chelsea's to fill the void. the void is the most interesting aspect of whats to come. we've talked about it before, but there really is no other option, and the sort of cool people in the public have almost worn slp exclusively. it'll be interesting to see what people start to wear. or, we might begin to see how influential hedi has really been. im thinking about our talk re: dave 1 from chromeo, in the contrasting mr porter features. the first not quite skinny enough jeans, safe leather and not exactly sleek boots. walking around Selfridges, there's nothing out there our sort of taste.

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@therattler that's a good point, and does seem likely.

I guess we can continue to purchase permanent collection pieces, as long as Kering is smart enough to keep it in place (and not mess with the quality or fit)
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I just received my eagle/tiger and palms/sunset teddy's. I'm going to return the palms/sunset next week. If anyone wants it send me a pm. Size 46.

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Originally Posted by Isolar View Post

I guess we can continue to purchase permanent collection pieces, as long as Kering is smart enough to keep it in place (and not mess with the quality or fit)


That'd basically be suicide for the brand on Kering's part, imo. Not that whoever they appoint won't be able to continue (and maybe even elevate) the brand, but they're basically guaranteed sellers. Could end up with a Dior Homme scenario where, when whoever takes over takes over, they leave the denim and (maybe) boots alone. 

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the brand is an empty signifier. it is nothing without hedi. dior has absolutely nothing in common with what it was when he was there. who cares what happens at ysl next? (ok sure I want access to the permanent collection for as long as possible).


I feel bad for whoever comes in next. what a shitty deal. high pressure, and the best they can do is not have revenues decline too much.

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@ohmydontcry Love the sunset teddy. Not something i feel i could wear but just such a nice design.

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