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Originally Posted by Bussit View Post

I'm curious...are the blue raws discontinued indefinitely or only available in store?



if you're asking about d02 then they are discontinued


they were only available for f/w 13 I believe

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Which is a shame cause they had the 2% stretch unlike my DH's. Dye looked good though admittedly not as deep as the DH's

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Indigo raw D02 were only stocked for SS and AW 13, two different style IDs but pretty similar. I'd imagine they're still in the line list but just not stocked anywhere. I have both but prefer the AW ones as they are lower waisted and a little skinnier. I'm surprised at the lack of popularity with them as the indigo was always more popular with DH and APC. I was able to buy two more pairs of the AW 13 ones during SS 15 as the stores still had stock surprisingly. I actually prefer them slightly to the black, although I have some clothes that I prefer to wear with black jeans (black knits for example).


On shoe construction, I couldn't care less. I've had a load of Goodyear welted shoes over the years and they didn't last any better than those that were Blake constructed or even just cemented. I even have some crappy glued Chelseas that I used to wear for day to day use and they still have life in them, whereas some of my Jil Sander Church produced Goodyear welted boots and shoes have long had to be thrown out. I really only care about looks, and that they don't fall apart after a few wears. I know some people have had issues with Saint Laurent shoes falling apart, but all of mine have held up to wear amazingly well, and I'm not careful at all other than getting half soles added (wear them to gigs, raves, festivals, and in all weather). 

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Thanks, all. Was curious in the slim cut (D01) but since I'm here, can someone confirm the seasons for them:

I think they're FW13 & SS14, respectively?
Originally Posted by needhelp123 View Post

Which is a shame cause they had the 2% stretch unlike my DH's. Dye looked good though admittedly not as deep as the DH's

I think DH offers stretch raws now:

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dam I have the combat boots that are made in Spain I wear them to work they feel like they can go through a beating but now Im scared they going to fall apart on me.

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my patent army lace ups feel pretty solid
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The construction on all my SLP items is solid and I've never had anything even come close to falling apart on me. I'm not saying that everything is hand stitched or using the finest, most luxe fabrics but that's not necessarily the idea anyway.
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the only problem I've ever had is the lining at the armpit sometimes comes apart. shoes, no problems. my cropped jods have taken a beating, and show some water damage on the upper -- a good shine makes em look almost perfect anyways. but that's my fault. anyone who thinks that this stuff should be indestructible because it's expensive is wholly misguided. sounds like my parents 'my god i spent a hundred bucks on a pair of boots and they lasted me a lifetime, man they sure don't make em like they used to'.


and like @kieran84 i couldn't care less how they were constructed. boutiques will get em fixed up if anything goes wrong.


maybe I'm wrong, but i swore i saw some indigo d02's at selfridges last week. i was surprised to see them, and thought about getting a pair, but haven't worn indigo jeans since 2008, so thought id give em a miss. check or call there though if anyone is interested.

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Originally Posted by scanner View Post

No Boots are perfect. I remember buying a pair of 'Indestructible' A1923 boots that would supposedly last a lifetime only to find the soles detaching and ungluing after a mere 5 months of wear. 


I've owned RO boots and shoes that came apart, I've owned SLP shoes that came apart and have others that are still solid after a year or two of wear. 


My experience with SLP is that for the most part, they are some of the better constructed Fashion boots as long as they are Made in Italy. The Made in Spain stuff always fell apart for me. The original Wyatts from FW13 had better construction overall with the Nails (I haven't seen the Blake Stitch and Nails in boots since FW13) but I haven't had a problem with anything after that either, and I've got some FW15 Wyatts that are holding up just fine. 


The reality is that, at the end of the day, If you are dropping $1k on shoes or boots, Be prepared for them to expire or wear them out on special occasions. Personally, I have had great luck with SLP replacing and fixing shoes that have fallen apart after even a year of wear so if you are cautious about your boots falling apart, be sure to purchase them from an actual SLP location or authorized dealer. Even if you pay full retail, consider that an insurance. 

Are major department stores (Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney's) considered authorized dealers for the purposes of shoe repairs?

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No. You resolve your issues with wherever you purchased them from. Boutiques don't handle online store issues either.
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They have leftover Indigo D02's available in stores now (Saw some on Rodeo & LV) but they are now $590 and in limited sizes. I almost got a pair but couldn't bring myself to spend over $100 more than they used to retail for so i'll continue to wear the ones I have or go back to APC. I tried on a pair of Dior which I used to wear but the sizing is all messed up and all over the place on those. 

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SLP + work clothes.

ETA: Saturday with same boots

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@cyc wid it  you're doing some interesting stuff mixing the SLP boots into a different look than we're used to. i'm not fully on board yet, but it's cool and i'm interested to see it continue.

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Teddy or leather or knit + T + jeans + boots is comfortable/easy enough when I'm able to wear stuff like that, but I think a lot of the boots are easily workable into different types of fits. Been trying to mix some more SW stuff into traditional CM color combos/outfits. I dunno, my wardrobe isn't that "cohesive" - I just buy stuff I like and think is cool (or need depending on the situation). I sort out how it all goes together later. I wear a lot of Visvim/workwear stuff with my SLP.
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@cyc wid it what's the jacket in the middle picture? Looks fantastic!

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