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Haven't seen any pics of the fringed suede boots on here, so I figured I'd post some. They've quickly become my favourite of this season's boots. Nice, clean profile and really vibrant colour. They're also surprisingly versatile, and look great with black.








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^dope boots, i wanna get a pair and just OD on fringe/fur/shearling to style them with
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Did anyone grab a "BABY" tee? My SA told me they won't be coming back until December.

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Originally Posted by Oski View Post

^dope boots, i wanna get a pair and just OD on fringe/fur/shearling to style them with

There's some Pilati era shearlings floating around.
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@Oski Thanks! I know what you mean. Come summer I want to wear them with my denim jacket and western belt and just walk around in full-on Dennis Hopper mode.

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@Isolar, I was thinking of picking those up, but I think I'm good on boots for now. That L17 looks great!

@cyc wid it, dope look!
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@cyc wid it whole fit is on point. @Isolar fringe wyatts are fire!

Just some recent Instagram ish but though you guys might like the parings. I particularly like the gold Wyatt's with the raw hems :

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Thanks guys for resurrecting this thread! Some great fit pics above.
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Haven't seen much about it, but the SS16 bleached red flannel is pretty great. Similar distressing to the blue and white, but a bit more wearable since it doesn't have as many discolored spots that resemble ish stains.

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So my homie hit me talking about some ideation and concepts for some video work he's helping out on for a magezine publication. He said he was on his way to meet up with the band the video was covering. We talk ideas and turns out the video is covering The SWMRS, who did the soundtrack for the Surf Sound collection (Harry Dean; dope song).

SWMRS and Hedi apparently had a falling out and now Hedi hates them. It was said that Hedi is also a Scientologist lol. I might stop by their show and kick it with them later tonight.
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thanks everyone! seems like TTS it is.

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Who saw Sunshine Bean? (Julia Cumming)

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@OakGhost you're king pimp in those gold boots. everyone else is looking great as well. @Oski  id be interested in any more info on the SWMRS falling out, their album is almost good.

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@echau thanks man! Doesn't seem like they're selling too fast, so you might be able to grab a pair on sale when the time comes. Might be easier to justify.

@OakGhost thanks! Those gold boots are seriously slick too. You really rock them. I'm thinking of picking up that polka dot shirt next week. How's the fit on it?

Also, for anyone wondering, the fringe boots have a slim shaft, like most of the boots this season. They sit really nicely under skinny denim. I highly recommend them.
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