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So overrated

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Since we know not every place can be great. I'll start with a couple of L.A. "hotspots" that are boring and pretentious, an L.A. Standard, which leads to my first 2 picks: 1. The Standard (Downtown) - severely overrated. The staff is inattentive and arrogant, drinks are overpriced and watered down, nearly no one is having a genuinely good time, and the roof is not nearly as cool as the magazines are saying. Having said that, at least the downtown doesn't have the offensive doorwoman who decides who's hot and who's not at 2. The Sunset Standard. BTW, once you get inside, you'll wonder what the fuss was all about. Ooohhh, a woman in a box. So subversive, so chic. 3. Miyagi's on Sunset. There is no cover, and the sushi is passable, but the place is sliding irrevocably downhill, with "cholos" and "homies" trying to pick up unattractive women with guts spilling out of their halters (maybe everyone deserves love, but I'm not betting on it), and white guys in shorts and sandals desperately trying to look comfortable outside a sports bar. Frequent your neighbourhood pub instead, and save your money to go shopping. Trust me, the fifty plus dollars you'd spend would be better off buying you a new belt or some socks.
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A great idea - like an underground cities guide. For Boston: Sonsie - A Newbury street staple for years, it's enjoying a resurgence for some reason. Mostly because there's nowhere else. The scene consists of young to middle age "hipsters" sipping pink cocktails in martini glasses, wearing far too much gel in their hair. The place screams wanna-be. The bar is far too small, and they crowd it with big bar stools so there's even less room to stand. The dining room tables are comfortable, but no amount of comfort could convince me to suffer through the lousy and expensive food and clueless (but attractive) service. Check out Blue Cat Cafe or BarCode around the corner. Whiskey Park - Hey, it's really dark and all the waiters wear all black (actually, everyone wears all black), that makes it cool, right? No. Expensive drinks, travelling salesmen in big gaudy class rings hitting on waitresses with bad Boston accents. You can't hear anything because the music is too loud and you can't see anything because the lights are too low. There are horror stories about the bartender losing a patron credit card and the manager then accusing that patron of lying. Unacceptable. Go across the street to the bar at Via Matta.
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Sorry to bring this thread back from 10 years ago but, any good places in LA now? and the last post on this thread was on my bday. My 10th birthday...
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