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San Francisco Meetup - Tuesday Oct 9 and Farewell To "lefty" - Page 3

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Get well soon Strata. Hope you can join us for the next one.
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how many of you guys are coming up from the nude-in? heismatt doesn't want to ride the muni naked by himself.
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San Francisco Meetup tonight
6PM at Rickhouse, 246 Kearny for cocktails
8PM at R&G Lounge, 631 Kearny for dinner

All are welcome. Come out and join us.
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Very unlikely to make it. We are in the midst of having our place painted before the stagers
come tomorrow for the Realtor tour.

Lefty, I speak for most of us who have really appreciated your trenchant and witty commentary
on the foibles and pretenses of this most narciscistic of Cities. We will also miss your
ready repartee at the meet-ups during your stay here. I hope that when you visit San Francisco
you alert the gang and we can have a get-together. As an ex-New Yorker, who still
loves the City , I think I understand what is drawing you back. Best of Luck, and Enjoy!
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Thanks, comrade. I'm looking forward to big things from you in the thread.



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I saw Lefty's young, gay, hipster doppelgänger the other day. He had a twinkle in his eye, a spring in his step, and was clearly in love with the "Greatest City on Earth."

I'd love to see you off but alas prior duty calls.

Next year in Queensbridge!
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Great time was had by all. The salt and pepper crab was especially yummy. Good luck lefty in the Big City.
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No pics - not that kind of event. Just a few fellows drinking and eating. 


Thanks to all.



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^ oh I know that. really wish this happened a few weeks from now when I'm there. r&g's good, and would've been great meeting up with you gents.
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Good food, great clothes, better company - thank you for putting this together!

All the best to you lefty.
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I may have to re-purpose my clothing budget towards developing a salt and pepper crab habit.

Nice evening out, things for putting it together Gus.

Lefty, all the best.
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