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Originally Posted by jrd617 View Post

This thread has kind of been done before. Very recently. I guess your thread asks for an even more trimmed down list

The OP mentions that thread specifically and discusses how and why this list is different.
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I didn't see all of the back story that you mentioned in your post, but as far as I'm concerned, it's dropped. I just thought that it was curious that everything was gone or edited. The mod's are a-ok with me.

Now that we've got this all straightened out, let's redirect any further discussion (be it critical or funny or whatever) to the transparent moderation thread so this one doesn't get too off-topic.
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my comments on the navy blazer (yes gold buttons)
I work in the investment world and have long been in the camp that the dress code bar has been continuously lowered over the years and as such always opted to fully suit up every day to the office. Keep in mind I always had choice between biz casual and full suit and tie as my office supports both. I, however, like most on here, would rather be the best dressed in the room. I have now been in too many meetings (100s) with various highly regarded professionals to have seen the blazer without a tie, while certainly under-dressed if comparing to a suit, exude a sense of confidence. Put differently, the high quality blazer and pant look can often say, I made it and I do not need to wear a suit and tie any longer as my daily work uniform. Has anyone else experienced this as well?

It's funny how much your career field influences your perspective in this example. As someone who works in IT, when my director did this at our last conference, I assumed that he just didn't know any better. He was still dressed leagues above most of the others in the room, which included a man pushing 50 wearing a pair of shorts that nearly reached his ankles.
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