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Filson or saddlebackleather duffel

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Looking for a great travelling duffel. Which one of these would you get? Or other suggestions?

Realize the saddleback is more than twice as expensive, but I'm looking for a bag to last me many years, so a few hundred bucks doesn't make a huge difference.

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The Filson is much more my taste for a duffel. I think something that big in all leather is just too much. Up to you though. 

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I would choose Filson for the weight difference and durability. Leather look's nice but a duffel is a duffel.
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Filson all day long. Cheaper, lifetime replacement warranty, easier access to the contents, lighter weight.
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Saddleback all the way. Everyone seems to be in love with Fison, but unless you a an undergraduate student or reporter canvas has no real place in a man's wardrobe IMO. I carry all leather bags and wouldn't think of doing otherwise.
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Ask yourself this: do you want something your children will fight over when you're dead or a generic looking canvas bag?
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Haha, we seem to have two dedicated followings. Will be a hard choice. Weight is a fair point, but I am not so concerned about the weight as I realise I couldn't carry either as cabin luggage.
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I am a die-hard enthusiast of both brands, but for a duffle bag, I would definitely choose the Filson. The Filson carries essentially the same warranty and is extremely durable, but the big factor here is weight. The Saddleback duffle bags weigh-in at 12-13 pounds empty. When a duffle gets this large, the weight of your clothes, etc. is significant enough without having to add 12 extra pounds to the mix. In addition, I think canvas is sort of what a duffle bag is all about.


For briefcases, I would choose the Saddleback. For messenger bags, satchels, etc. an argument could be made for either choice. But for a duffle...get the Filson.

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I travel every other week an I carry a leather duffel. I also work out. I do not have any problems with weight and hauling it through the airport. Leather will get a beautiful patina with time.

I would consider Fison for a gym bag but not much else.
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