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Wedding Attire

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We don't get invited to too many weddings. As I'm so style conscious, I look forward to these events as an occasion to wear some of my finest clothes. Of course it depends on the image of the invitation and location, etc., but I'll always make a big effort to try to look good and it's sometimes an excuse for a new tie, etc.

We are in Cleveland, OH. We recently attended a wedding - not at a beach, mind you, but inside and just outside a party room at a somewhat respectible resturant near Cleveland Hopkins Airport - and one guy at our table came in a plain white tee-shirt! The guy, heading toward middle age, was quite muscular and he probably thought that would make up for what his attire was lacking, but hardly. His wife came somewhat respectively, anyway (dressier slacks outfit, some jewelry), and the daughter was a bridesmaid dressed to the hilt -the only bridesmade, also, with a decent figure. Another couple at our table missed the whole ceremony, which had started late, because the guy decided to take a motorcycle trip earlier that day and came back much later than expected... - he did come with a decent suit and tie, anyway.

Any comments?
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As long as the dinner ended happily there is no problem.
Don't be too uptight, this was the time for everyone to get around, the t-shirt guy should will awkward, not you.
However, I am worried with the obese problem, it seems very popular in USA.

Anyway, hope your night was good, otherwsie, get some new friends.
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The only real friends there were the bride's stepfather and mother. The funny thing is the stepfather wore a stylish, double-breasted suit very similar to what I had wanted to wear, but couldn't due to the individual working with the suit's mothholes not finishing on time. This was exceedingly dressy and formal for our friend, though he "jazzed" it up with purple socks.

At the next wedding we were invited to, at a formerly fancy private golf club/turned public park system golf club, almost all the men wore suits and ties - maybe some with sportcoats. Again - something about the invitations and locale, apparently. stirpot.gif
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