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so, i got a couple of jackets from forzieri ...


i never wear stuff so short, it feels so weird to me, are these the right length ? usually i wear baggy things, oversize, etc feels like the whole world can see my ass. i have been looking at other peoples' and seems to the right length ? i ordered a couple of sizes up cos like i say i like it baggy, but it still seems so short at the back ..... opinions ?








about forzieri .... took about 10 days for delivery, jacket quality is excellent, the blue one is a LOT thinner than i expected, they are certainly fashion jackets, and not bike leathers. the black hooded one is a little thicker .... both are very well made, and very soft leather. i was worried after i read a lot of negative reviews for that website, but i found them to be good .... just be careful of that 10% restock fee they have in the small print ..... ouch