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Corduroys- recommendations wanted

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I need some corduroys. Does anyone have a recommendation for a brand and the name of a retailer where I can get some that are somewhat trim but not skinny? Looking for mossy green, cream and brown colors.
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I have cords from both Zegna (Gritti) and Loro Piana that fit the spec of "trim but not skinny". Gritti gets a lot of stick on SF but I got my pair for around £20-30 in a major sale and you can't really go wrong at that kind of price. The LP ones were also in a sale but obviously cost a bit more (can't really remember to be honest, but still massively discounted to £100-ish I think). When it comes time to replace them, I'll probably look at the same makers, but if I can't find something I like there for similar prices, I'd opt for MTM and get exactly what I want, for less, instead of paying anywhere close to full retail for either.


I'm sure I've also seen slim-ish cords in the fast-fashion shops if you don't mind quality/detailing compromises (I don't tend to care too much about high-end quality/finishing for a pair of cords, but ymmv)

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Brooks Brothers Milano cords might fit the bill, depending on your definition "trim" vs. "skinny". I would say they are not skinny by SF standards, but others may disagree.
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Thanks for the feedback guys. I will swing by BB next week when I'm in SF.

LP prices around here are higher than better MTM or WW Chan. As much as I like LP perhaps I will just go to Chan and then I can spec them the way I want.
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Have you checked out Sean? Not sure if they have them this season, but they often do.!san-francico/c107g
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Cordings are on the other side of trim from skinny, but they're not bad. Not outrageously expensive right now, as they're on sale. My tailor was marvelling at the weight today. Milano is ok, but they're a bit trimmer, and low rise.
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Jamison has a bunch of wide wale cords in stock right now, and some of the lighter-weight "baby" cords (which I really like) left, too.

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