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Weekender bag showdown - pick your favorite and tell me why!

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I've finally saved up enough to purchase a new travel bag. I'm torn between the "slick and sexy" italian-style bags, and the "casual and full of character" canvas&leather styles.


So, here is what I'm looking at. Looking for a bag that works for a 1-3 night trip. Thoughts/opinions/suggestions/size thoughts/style narratives/etc.


(I understand Floto quality is probably well below the others listed here, so feel free to take that into account)


Filson - Medium Duffle Bag (small is also possible if this is too large)



Duluth Trading - One Night Stand



Frost River - Overland Valise



Frost River - Explorer Duffle



Floto - Venezia Travel Tote



Floto - Venezia Duffle


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Floto leather looks awful.

Duluth looks interesting but rather like a rifle case.

"Overland Valise" looks a little too busy.

I would go with the Filson
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I think the Filson looks good, it will last, it has a classic look that will endure.

Regarding Filson, I like the look of the common khaki color but it does get dirty easily if you check your bags. The darker colors are a good option but don't rule out the khaki if you just use it as a carry on. After all you can clean any of these in cold water with a little soap if they do get dirty.
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Thanks for the reply - can you elaborate: does the photo of the floto leather look awful, or is your assessment based on a viewing of the actual good?

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I can't speak for MOL but to me, from viewing the pic, that shiny leather looks cheap.

Have you considered a more modern look? A Tech material? There are real advantages-lighter, easy to clean, water proof or resistant, often more functions and pockets. Here is a nice duffle in black that will take you anywhere.


and/or it's backpack version again in black.


I like black for travel, especially if it will be checked as baggage.
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I rather like the look of that Overland Valise.
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If you had to save up for the bag, wouldn't you be better off getting something inexpensive and putting your funds toward the weekend away itself?
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I have a number of their pieces and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Not to everyone's taste but the workmanship IMO is faultless and they're just quirky enough to be interesting rather than embarrassing.

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^^ Probably a little out of his price range.
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All of my stuff is from Mulholland brothers. It's a texturized fabric and bridle leather combination that looks great. I use them for car trips but never put them on a plane.
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I like the Field Duffle weekender from J.W. Hulme



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I use this as my travel bag every other week. Not really a weekend bag, more of a short trip bag. Bought it at the Ferragamo boutique during one of their sales.

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I unveiled my Cucinelli weekender just this past weekend for my anniversary getaway. I love it.

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I am still dreaming of some of the duffels from Lotuff Leather:

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I use an older Hartman tweed piece. I like it and have gotten many compliments on it.

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