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Info on Wallets

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I'm searching for a new wallet and am looking at 6-slot money clip wallets.

Can anyone give input on quality from the following labels: Valextra | Prada | Ferragamo
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for quality. Valextra is one of the best.
ferragamo and prada quality is meh.
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What's the Valextra made of? This one is a fourth of the price, is guaranteed forever and is made of bridle leather.
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Well if you're looking at the Valextra, you might as well check the Hermes Calvi.
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Don't like any of the Hermes offerings.

That Filson looks great! However, I'm looking for red :\

I'm not one to spend a lot on a wallet of all things, but I really want a red one.

Personally, the best one I've found is the Prada Saffiano Money Clip, but my friend bought one already and I'd prefer not to get the same.
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I was recently looking at purchasing a Santiago Gonzalez, anyone have experience with these?
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Never heard of them. Personally I'd prefer to stick to the more established labels.

Too many designers and honestly the best is to feel the leather in store.

The Valextra is a smooth leather from the looks of it. I'm trying to see if Barneys has in stock so I can check it out in person. I put my wallet in my rear pocket so I'd love a sturdier material. No experience with bridal leather so dunno how that feels or wears.
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i really like Paul Smith card case i just bought. quality is top notch and style is a little quirky. also check out iron heart, kawatako and makr.
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I used to really enjoy paul smith's but i grew out of the printed style he uses on his stuff. I still do like the signature stripes but haven't really like any of his latest stuff.

The Japanese brands are good looking and of the highest quality, but they are really just too thick. I'm looking for a slim wallet. The cordovan shells and whatnot will last through eons but they are too thick for me.
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Bridle leather wears like iron. It's neither stiff or soft but somewhere in between. I have bridle leather wallets that have seen some serious abuse including the washing machine a few times and they still look great. If you manage to get over having a red wallet you would be hard pressed to find anything that'll beat the Filson wallet I mentioned above. I own one and it's the one that's been washed a few times. Kind of cool how it developed a distressed look from that.
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I happen to be having a wallet giveaway on my blog . I own one of the same model, and cant recommend them enough. Previous to that I was using a Venice made antique billfold, made from horsehide in the 40s, which was great, until I got it wet, and saw it grow a beard of mold in a day.
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