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Sony wega tv

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I am trading in my big screen (its getting old) for a new TV. I have heard rave reviews about the 36" Sony Wega TV. Before I go drop $1500, does anyone have/seen one? Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Questions? Concerns? HELP.
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GQ Lawyer, One of my best friends has one. Not only does it look great, but the picture is amazing. Especially when playing DVD's, there is no comparison. However, for watching normal t.v., there is not that huge of a difference. Also from my memory, the sound was not on par with my expectations. But if you connect your t.v. to your stereo system that won't be a problem. So, I don't know...You could always wait until the wega's get cheaper, which I believe they willin the next year. I am considering buying a 27 inch one as well this summer.
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While a sony wega is gonna look better than most people's current TVs, sony doesn't have the best picture anymore. The best thing they have going for them is how cool they look and their brand recognition since they used to be above and beyond anyone else in terms of quality. 36" is a VERY big CRT heh. For the price of a 36" wega you can probably start looking at 40-43" rear projection high definintion TVs (some wegas are high def. and others arent, you gotta be careful and beware misleading marketing heh). We have a 43" high definition hitachi (I'd have to get back to you on the exact model) and I much prefer the picture to a wega. The other high definition tv's i've been really impressed with are toshibas. One of the reasons wegas are so expensive is all the corrective lenses they have to use since the tube is so big. The tube naturally has to be curved otherwise the electrons basically cant hit their mark cause of the angle (this becomes a bigger factor the bigger the tube is). Flat screen CRT TVs use lenses to compensate for this. If you a get a rear projection tv, you don't need all of that stuff so a lot of money is saved. You have to be very careful buying rear projection TVs though as they differ widely in quality even within similar price ranges. The ones using older technology look really crappy and have a very narrow viewing angle. Some of the new ones are just gorgeous though. If I were you I'd look at as many TVs as possible before making a decision. Take a good look at hitachi and toshiba too. They are both great bang for your buck, just make sure you're looking at the high definition models. Even if you dont get high definition tv, the picture is so incredibly clear it's worth it. I can hookup my computer to my tv and the text isn't blurry at all and I have no problem reading it. This is not so on most TVs. Also when comparing TVs, make sure they have the same signal. Sometimes stores are trying to push a particular model for whatever reason and they put them on high definition demos or high quality DVDs(which still look horrible next to High definition) while the other TVs are watching a low quality cable feed.
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GQL: I have that 36" flat-screen Wega, and I've been very pleased with it. Very good picture quality with regular television channels and superb quality with DVD's. Although the sound quality is not necessarily the finest in the industry (I think most technical buffs would tell you that), virtually every untrained ear (i.e. any other human not completely obsessed with the tiniest auditory subtleties) would not be able to tell the difference, and would be very pleased - as I am - with the sound. I have a somewhat interesting set-up. I bought my Wega as part of a package. Surround-sound, including two columns on either side of the TV, both of which contain speakers and one of which contains a 6 CD/DVD changer. A true buff might spend more and mix and match various components (i.e. speakers from another maker) but I absolutely love my package. It's all Sony, it's all intended to go together (so it looks right aesthetically within the room, sleek, silver, and cool), and it's much easier this way (even my stand goes with it). Look into it if you're thinking Wega. One thing to be aware of (assuming you're not already) is that this unit is enormously heavy. In fact, many television stands/entertainment centers/etc. simply cannot bear its weight - it'll give way eventually. So be sure to carefully think through where you'll be putting it, and on what sort of stand (be sure it's sturdy - ask the salespeople).
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A few months ago I helped a co-worker pick out a new TV.  He settled on a 32" Wega and is very happy with it.  As other posters have mentioned, it is particularly good with DVDs because it has an option for wide screen formatting so that scan lines are not wasted on the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.  If you have DirectTV or your local cable provider broadcasts in High Definition, you might want to consider the HDTV-ready XBR model (which I think is about $2000).  You'll have to pay an additional couple hundred dollars for a converter box as well, but the extra cost will be worth it once you watch your first sporting event broadcast in HDTV.
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Everyone, thanks for your input.
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