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Tumi still has excellent build quality but may be overpriced for what they are now. Another good brand is Briggs & Riley, which is very similar to what Tumi was some years ago. However I suspect their selection of backpacks may be smaller.


Maybe something like this:


Hoewver the Tumi styles are better in my opinion: 

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i'll won't speak to the appropriateness of a rucksack for work, but i got one of those makr rucksacks and the quality is great - leather ages nicely and the canvas is really durable (albeit a bit dirty)
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If I had my druthers I'd get something like this, but preferably in Brown:


But for most things my Goruck Radio ruck works fine, or my Goldpfeil Brief, depending on circumstances.

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sorry, but ewww.

to bring to a meeting?
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The only Rucksack I've seen that I like is the one made by Filson. But I don't know if it's suitable for a work environment. 


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A former associate of mine who owned a huge marketing business used to carry all his paper work to office meetings in an old Paddy Palin H-frame canvas pack (yes, holes and all). No one batted an eyelid; after all he was the boss earning around six million each year (early 1990's)!!! He was a classy dresser too.

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