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Help with finding a jacket

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I'm looking for a new winter coat. (Preferably woollen, but other materials are fine.)

Despite looking on the internet I'm finding it hard to pin down exactly what I want.
Something Navy Blue or Grey that does up across the front like a military deck jacket but edges towards a ringmaster's styling (though not as garish as any of the fancy dress).

A cross between this and this? Maybe even just the first one.







Any help locating one would be appreciated!

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The first jacket appears to be fairly non-traditional. So, if you're looking for something like it, you might make a similar post in the Streetwear & Denim forum.

As for the second jacket, that looks like a very traditional navy pea coat. Do a forum search of peacoat or pea coat. I believe there were several similar threads merged into one with suggestions of where to find pea coats in various fits and price ranges.
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