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The Master

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So has no one else seen this yet?

I'm left with a couple of questions.

First after I saw the film, I listened to Slate spoiler specials, and the reviewers said that they thought that the naked party scene was a fantasy in one of the characters' minds. Did I miss something? I saw no indication or transition indicating that scene was a fantasy, but was instead part of the reality of the narrative.

Finally, I wonder if the equivalent milkshake scene in the film is in the middle, not the end. Maybe the film should be retitled "The Mastur."
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I was hoping this was a thread about the old Lee Van Cleef cult TV show about a ninja....

Seriously, it sounds like a great film, and Philip Seymour Hoffman is never bad.
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I remember that show. I desperately tried to like it but it was just too unintentionally funny. Cool music though.

I'm stil trying to figure out the movie, may see it again. Wonderful visuals.
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I saw the movie because I thought it would be similar to Brokeback Mountain after reading a synopsis of it. The movie starts out interesting. In particular, the scene of the half naked men wrestling on the sand and when JP character performed a sexual act on himself and on the sand made me thought that the movie will be homo erotic. Then as the movie progressed, the relationship between the two main characters didn't end up as what I was hoping for : ) The plot of the movie was confusing and it seemed like just a bunch of character study for JP part and his performance in this movie is superb.
What I like about the movie is the style and imagery. Some scenes have this comforting feeling to it and brings you back to the good old days when life is simple. The costumes look great too
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On a more serious note, I'm not sure where critics pic up the "homoerotic vibe" between Dodd and Quell. The was a sort of frenemy-cockblocking vibe from Dodd over Quell but I don't see how that translates to actual physical desire between the two.  

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