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Where to shop in London?

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Where are the best places to shop for decent cloths in London? Preferably Oxford Street. 


I find that Top Man has one or two items that I really like from time to time, River Island can be ok. Officers club for low quality stuff.


Other then that I'm not sure where to shop. I'm looking to buy some new jeans tomorrow, a few T-shirts, some kind of a warm spring top, perhaps a leather jacket, maybe some boots, but I don't know which stores to visit. if I start visiting random shops I end up wasting a lot of time and not finding anything decent.


Which stores would you personally recommend? 

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For Oxford St., there's Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Harvey Nicholls, BHS, Selfridges, Burton, Gap, Next, Zara, Uniqlo. There's Primark as well, but that can be rather cheap'n'nasty.
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Looking forward to the replies here.  I'll be in London for the first time in April.

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in the vicinity you also have Aquascutum on Regent Street and Albam just off Carnaby Street. That whole area is terribly chainy in general but if you don't mind that aspect of it you'll find more than you need. Reiss also could be a good option

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My favorite shops over there are Anthem, Albam, Margaret Howell and Dover Street Market
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you should go to new bond st and visit ln-cc store.
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eh, did you read what he read? he likes topman.. don't think ln-cc will be his style particularly.
OP just go to selfridges, liberty is good too.

fwiw my favourite shop in london is probably hostem on redchurch street.
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another decent option is the Urban Outfitters at Oxford Circus. They have a much better selection over there than in the US (can't remember the last time I saw something interesting at UO, they seem to stock mostly their cheap-looking in-house brands now)

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