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Originally Posted by Simon at Elite View Post

The goal of online MTM tailoring is to fulfil each individual customers own expectation of what they want in their suit. Using actual tailors allows us greater flexibility in design over other MTM operations who mainly sell factory made suits. Did we meet this customers expectations? Yes and seeing he purchased the suit for his graduation prom and won the best dressed boy out of over 100 contenders, I'd say he's extremely happy with his Elite Suit experience and will come back to us for his next suit. Winning the award would also prove these super slim fit suits are more fashionable among the young then a lot of people here think.


A comment was made that the suit didn't meet the "SF approved style" and as such I shouldn't have posted the pics. I'm sorry but to suggest that that the tens of thousands of SF members want their suit in a particular approved style is just ridiculous as the extensive discussions in other MTM threads clearly proves.


I get what you're saying, but I don't get why you're saying it.


The suit looks ridiculous to me. Looking at the WAYWRN and other MC threads, I suspect it's not going to appeal to a lot of SF members. We may all be out of touch, unfashionable, oldfart groupthink drones, but presumably we're one of your target markets. So I'm not sure why you keep pushing this example here. It's like trying to sell V8 SUVs to greenies.

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Hi Guys


I just wanted to post and say thanks. October 2012 was the best month ever for Elite Suits in terms of both site traffic and sales and it's far more than coincidence that it was also our first month as a Styleforum affiliate.


There are now a few more Styleforum members who have given Elite Suits a try and I'm sure we will all see the results soon. As expected the Holland & Sherry suits proved popular and one member even ordered what has turned out to be the highly controversial Super Slim Fit suit. I think many of us will be hoping he graces the thread with a few pictures.


While perhaps an acquired taste we were confident we would prove attractive to at least some of our fellow Styleforum members and our first month as an affiliate has certainly proven that to be the case. We look forward to becoming the goto site for more members looking to buy a hand tailored full canvas suit.


Once more thank you for your support



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Again, less talk, more professional photos. And clean up the website. With your newly acquired money from all these orders, that SHOULD be your number one priority bar none.
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Wraith I know you mean well but I think you've made your point to Simon (about 20 times now). Let the man run his business how he wants, if he wants to listen he will, if not there is not much you can do about it.
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Obviously, but I will continue to suggest it all the same.
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Then maybe keep suggesting it over PM.
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No thanks.
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I'll be staying the hell out then. Seems like he has no interest whatsoever in our constructive feedback. Perhaps his clientele really does consist of 2" lapels; all-button fastening-loving clients so I guess it doesn't matter how his site looks.
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Originally Posted by Zarium View Post

I'll be staying the hell out then. Seems like he has no interest whatsoever in our constructive feedback. Perhaps his clientele really does consist of 2" lapels; all-button fastening-loving clients so I guess it doesn't matter how his site looks.

The self appointed sense of smug superiority in your post is nauseating. Here's other possible alternative. Perhaps some of us are simply more interested in a good suit at a good price and don't care if the sites not the most attractive. Instead of heavily photoshopped pictures with perfect bodies wearing suits we are more interested in the suit itself and seeing we have an attention span of more then 15 seconds where you see walls of text we see lots of useful information about the fabric and how the suit is made that most of us can read in around a minute. Perhaps some of us like not only choosing from a very wide selection of fabrics but also being able to choose how the suit is going to be made and dealing with someone who will patiently answer the numerous emails I sent him over a period of months before I finally ordered a suit

Once again I point out that those of us on this thread that have actually bought a suit from Elite Suits have expressed nothing but satisfaction with our experience and seeing that a number of us placed orders over $1,000 may suggest that we at least put some thought into our purchase and to dismiss other members as stupid or having no sense of style is rather insulting
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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post

Obviously, but I will continue to suggest it all the same.

No offence Frank, but listen to Jason and the Prof, take a chill pill and maybe re-read your own signature a couple of times before you do your blood pressure. Not your fight mate...

Man, my reality doesn't even include you so why kvetch about it?
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"This is a very wordy website." says the site. That much is true, but unfortunately the "wordyness" doesn't make for a better experience for the user nor does it offer the information the user seeks. Most of the stuff could be condensed to "we want to make quality suits while taking advantage of the lower labor prices in Asia". It still has amateur hour design written all over it. While having the slickest online store is not necessary to be successful, it really does help. There are plenty of cheap e-commerce packages available that could be used to make a decent online store for reasonable money, do that and you'll have better success in getting customers from here. This is just my professional opinion (I'm a web developer).

The suits themselves look good to me if it wasn't for the really high buttoning point. I still can't understand why so many brands these days do that. It looks like crap. Those suits would look so much better if the buttoning point was just a little bit above the belly button. In fact I think it would be great if you would offer the customer the option to choose the button placement as personally I favor a fairly low button placement while others might prefer a more classic one.
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so... i hate to stir the pot... any update of n the ordered suits? or maybe....pictures?peepwall[1].gif

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Few quick pics of my suit. Pants are a bit crap but I was wearing them a bit low and I did overcompensate on my measurements. Will have them tapered as soon as I can work out what exactly needs to be done.


Overall, pretty happy with the suit. Seems pretty solid. Few niggles here and there but nothing to particularly put me off.

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I had the exact same issue with my pants. Seeing as it has happened to to you as well, I feel like it must not be our 'fault'.

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The balance on that suit is off by a bit. Something funky with the sleeves too. Not surprising for online mtm though. I think not a bad effort if that's your first suit from elite?
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