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CH vs. AE

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I was looking into purchasing one of the following shoes in dark brown. I would wear them for work and for casual events with slim dark jeans. Any opinions?

Cole Han Air Madison

Or AE McAllister in merlot

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McAllister by a mile

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Originally Posted by gooter View Post

McAllister by a mile

+1. Not even close. Really isn't even in question.
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Originally Posted by Fred G. Unn View Post

+1. Not even close. Really isn't even in question.


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brand whores

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I will start by saying I am a big AE fan.

If you budget allows it, I think the McAllister is a better made shoe and I really like the style of the McAllister.

However, I have looked at the CH Air Madison at my local menswear / clothing store and they are very nice and they are very comfortable - and they are considerably cheaper than the McAllister at full retail.

If your budget can't do the McAllister, I don't think you will be disappointed with the CH Air Madison. But with the current AE Rediscover America sale, the McAllister is close in price the Air Madison.

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Actually I can purchase the air Madison on sale which is still considerably less than with the AE rediscover America sale. I agree Allen Edmonds makes a quality shoe. I have a pair of strands in walnut and I love them.
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I have a fair amount of experience with each brand and can say that, at least under its current ownership, I will not make the mistake of spending any money on Cole Haan going forward. They are a far cry from the green label made in Italy days. I talked myself into buying a pair recently and after 5 wears the sole started separating from the shoe. It then became quite clear that the stitching detail was entirely for looks. I knew when I bought them I was probably making a mistake but I did it anyway. Fortunately I got them at Nordstrom and they graciously took them back. The exasperation on the department managers face told me this was becoming far too regular of an event for them. Pay for the AE's they will deliver decades of satisfaction if properly cared for.

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I actually ended up ordering the AE Fifth Ave. in brown today.  It was slightly more than the Cole Haan now that it is on sale.  Let's see how they look when I get them in person.  Anyone own a pair? Any pictures if so?  

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nope, nobody owns 5th avenues.

and 5th avenues with jeans????
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I actually ordered a pair of fifth ave's on the AE sale too. Never saw them IRL prior but had seen other AE's I liked. They are nice (I received them 4 days after ordering!) but I feel like the cap is "snubby" looking. Otherwise, great shoe.


And if someone were so inclined to break style rules and wear the 5th ave's with jeans it might look something like this:

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I have the Fifth Avenue in black - I wear them mostly with suits since they are black. The Fifth Avenue is a good looking shoe.

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I think they look good with jeans. May not work as well if they were black, but the brown sure works imo

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personally i think it looks terrible with jeans. then again with that stubby cap toe, it looks terrible with everything.
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AE McAllisters......them and Strands are the only AE i would purchase

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