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Camiceria Mazzarelli - Shirts

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Haven't found much recently about this shirtmaker (last thread was 2008):
Originally Posted by RJman View Post

They make RTW for the French Alan Flusser, Marc Guyot, and allegedly the RTW shirts for Arnys.

This video (posted before) depicts the handwork in their shirts, although I believe most of it is only done in the VIP line.

Just received some - and here are a few impressions:

Lines of shirting are VIP (classic dress shirts), Yellow (slim-fit, wilder patterns), & Green Stone (casual Italian). Handling the Green stone shirts in person, the style is very similar to Finamore. The familiar "Cucita a mano" appears; many reviews state that the shirts are hand-made from the collar to the gusset (although buttonholes and majority are machine-sewn). Quality is very good - at least equal if not better than shirts from other casual lines (Barba, Borrelli, Finamore, etc.). Fit is slim, with high armholes; fabrics are a nice blend, with many having the perfect rusticity for a casual shirt. Retail varies, but Green Stone shirts run ~ $250-$325 (up to $395 at Axel's).

The styling is really quite nice - pictures below (first image borrowed):

Nicely shaped collars:

Crow's foot stitched buttons:

Handwork on the sleeve gauntlet:

and gussets:

Anyone else with any recent experience with Mazzarelli shirts?
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So so TBH...
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I have one of the Green Stone shirts, its interesting as most of the handwork is on the interior/guts of the shirt and not plainly obvious as many similar shirts have.
The fit is very slim and I love the collar.
Super soft everywhere and lots of crazy cool details.
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Is this the same Mazzarelli as in Castellana Grotte near Bari?

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